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A Letter from QT Melbourne

Jan 19, 2017  ·  3 min read

What a way to start the year off – after a little refitting we have officially been rebranded as the newest member of the QT Hotels & Resort family and we couldn’t be happier ?

As the doors swung open on QT Museum Wellington, we noticed a letter that had gone unread from our dear friends at QT Melbourne amongst the uncleared mail.

It was touching, so touching in fact that we had to share it with you –

Dear QT Museum Wellington,

It’s your black bob-haired, Director of Chaos from the heart of the Melbourne CBD. I’ve been thinking a lot about you recently, with all that new QT stationary that you now have and that buzz that comes with the opening of brand new QT.

I’m not jealous… Well, maybe a little… Everyone loves a new QT, all that quirk, the design and everything that comes with taking on the brand pillars.


Here is a quick run down on the family:

QT Port Douglas is all about that tropical vibe; Great Barrier Reef is just a stone’s throw from reception… Hope you’re good at throwing stones.

QT Gold Coast loves to party and really enjoys her white wine. Classic Gold Coaster, but we love her and to be honest, we would never not attend her party.

QT Sydney was the jewel in the crown. Kind of still is, but I reckon we down here are giving them a good run for their money.

QT Bondi is so beautifully relaxed and chilled out. Bondi Beach is a one minute walk from their rooms.

QT Canberra looks after the nation’s leaders with a stiff drink and quirky wit. They have an exclusive lounge that is just that, exclusive. Let me know if you need help getting in.

QT Falls Creek is our alpine escape. If you’re after a downhill mountain bike trail, they’ll sort you out. Through if you want to warm up in a private Jacuzzi after a long day on the slopes, they can also hook you up.

Then there’s us, QT Melbourne. When we opened QT Sydney said really nice things about us, like how we have a really awesome Rooftop Bar, Japanese Knife Store and Asian fusion laneway bar. Along with a whole bunch of really cool pieces of art and a sweet lobby design. We agree with most things they say.

Which brings us to you.

You join us with Hippopotamus Restaurant & Bar, headed up by that dapper looking Executive Chef Laurent Loudeac; you are stocked with art that Chris Parkin has taken time and care to curate and now with your new branding, you are one of us.

We couldn’t be more happy to welcome our first international QT sibling to the already quirky family.

If you need anything at all, shout out, we are just across the pond and ready to help,

All the best,

Your little sis from Melbourne,


QT Melbourne
PS If you get one of these letters from QT Sydney, they probably don’t mean what they say and are just trying to big note themselves.

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