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How beat a hangover in Wellington

May 2, 2017  ·  4 min read

words by niall roeder

Everyone has a mate that proclaims, “I don’t get hungover”, and we all know that they’re full of it. We all get smashed by the booze bat every now and then, it’s just that some can take the aftermath better than others. Science, however, has proven that once in a while you’ll inevitably get dosed with a lethal hangover so strong it could take down the bear Leo fought in The Revenant. You wake up dustier than the Sahara with what feels like a hatchet wound to the skull and on the verge of a technicolour yawn. Hangovers suck.

Lucky for us, humans have mad culinary skills and are quite good at preparing comfort food for when you’ve caught the brown bottle flu. We look at the best hangover food in Wellington.

Customs by Coffee Supreme
Before a feed, most of you are going to need a stiff brew. Many think Coffee Supreme is the best coffee in Welly, and Welly is a town with tremendous coffee. These guys take a massive amount of pride in their freshly roasted, expertly prepared speciality coffee, and they won’t judge if you stumble in bleary-eyed.

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Cafe brunch grub is always a good option when it’s the morning after. If a big brekkie, Benedict or tiramisu waffles are calling your name, this Cuba Street institution will sort you right out. Olive. has a great reputation and it deserves it.

Burger Fuel
This place is pop-u-lar. And to be honest, it’s not hard to see why. Burger Fuel dishes up big burgers that are stacked with precision. These glorious bastards are superb for the hangover and if you post an epic pic of their burgers and they repost it, you get free burgers. Burgerà picà postà burger… circle of life, baby.

The Chippery
Crunchy, oily, eaten with the hand – it’s a winning and hangover-beating combination. The Chippery offers fresh fish and hand cut Agria chips made with love and care. Easy win.

Burger Liquor
Another burger joint to dust yourself off at is Burger Liquor. Not only do they serve up beast mode burgers (see pic below), but buttermilk popcorn chicken, Punjabi poutine, alcoholic milkshakes, stiff cocktails and heaps of other wickedness.

The Bresolin
Pub food, glorious pub food. Even if it brings back table-dancing flashbacks from the night before, sometimes you just need to lock horns with a good old fashioned public house. Order a steak or burger at The Bresolin, cooked rare (of course), and accompanied by a bucket load of hot chips and a Bloody Mary. Then simply drink and eat the pain away, my friend.

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