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Getting Bendy in Wellington

Feb 7, 2017  ·  4 min read

words by ben stephens

It’s that time. The time.

As you pull on that active wear, grab that sweat towel and head towards the door. You make your way out of that comfortable sitting, where only moments ago you were enjoying a nap, dreaming of a world where alarm clocks didn’t exist.

Reality hits and you know it’s time.

It’s time for your 0630 am Vinyasa Flow yoga class where you will nail the crow pose for the first time and in turn make you feel like you can take the world on.

Good on you.

Seriously, talking about yoga feels as though we are talking about the wheel – surely you’re already on board with this workout. A space where you enter feeling tight and leave feeling blood flow to places that it hasn’t flowed to in a while.

It’s that great.

Now that you find yourself in the New Zealand capital, the yoga here is as good as the coffee; oddly they have the same effect. As with any city, there are a number of options to work on your practice.

To help you navigate a yoga mat, here are a couple of studios we enjoy getting bendy at:

Power Living
We have a strong and loving friendship with the Power Living team, they were one of the first friends at QT Bondi; so warm and welcoming. Now that we are in Wellington, we are so stoked to see their New Zealand flagship studio doing so well. Just a short walk from the doors of the hotel, you’ll be in fine hands with the teachers of Power Living, always offering a hand with those tricky poses… like child’s pose.

The Yoga Lounge
Start with the Hatha classes. It’s also the best way to start your morning off. Focusing on your alignment and offering a time for you to perfect your yogi practice. The Yoga Lounge has a certain feeling about it, it’s hard to put a finger on it, but the lack of egos in the studio is overly relaxing.

Hot Yoga Wellington
With three studios, why not go for the Lower Hutt studio, a good place for a pit stop mid run – if you’re into that sort of thing. Hot Yoga have been in Wellington for the last 10+ years and have a long list of very skilled teachers because of that community commitment. Maybe it’s time you change your practice to a calling and turn to Yogi teaching? These guys can help.

Empower Studio
These guys will take a large, solid rock and manipulate it into a bendy piece of jelly in no time, FACT. Empower use both Yoga and TRX to get you flowing. If you’re after a quick lunch session they’ll have the class for you, or take it up to the next level with an evening class for an extended period to really feel the movement.

There you have it, a far from complete list of where to get bendy and all jelly like in the wind city.

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