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Catching up with The Girls Uninterrupted

Aug 17, 2020  ·  5 min read

Here at QT Wellington, Hot Sauce recently played host to the hottest 2nd birthday party in town. The Girls Uninterrupted podcast turned two, with a live show to celebrate. It’s safe to say that both bubbles and laughter were flowing freely.

The Girls Uninterrupted

The masterminds behind this smart, witty podcast are Brodie Kane, Caitlin Marett and Gracie Taylor. If you don’t already have the pleasure of knowing them, let us tell you. These ladies are seriously funny. Inspirational, fashionable and delightfully down to earth.

We caught up with them after the show for a chat and one of the most fun photoshoots to date.

The Girls Uninterrupted

Here’s what they had to say for themselves:

You rocked it at your live show at QT, talking all things sisterhood and finding out who you are. What’s the one thing you hope the audience took away from the event?

  • Brodie: I hope people in the audience made new friends, and walked away with some added confidence in themselves.
  • Caitlin: Aw, it was the best afternoon. I really hope that all of our lovely guests met someone new! We were so lucky to have the opportunity to welcome like-minded people into a safe area where they could be themselves and I really hope that new friends were made.
  • Gracie: I hope they came away from our event feeling awesome and empowered! Not afraid to speak their minds and be outspoken and confident in their everyday lives and bodies.

You three are queens of pivoting, changing careers and not being afraid to express yourselves. What’s your mantra to keep your confidence up?

  • Brodie: Be really proud and own the things you like about yourself and the skills you possess. Don’t ever shy away from your strengths.
  • Caitlin: Be brave and go for it! If I can completely change my career and lifestyle at 30, so can you. Remember, things usually happen for a reason. But you’ve also got to work for it.
  • Gracie: Don’t be too hard on yourself, this year has been pretty sh*t! So many ups and downs for everyone. Especially with Covid 19, unemployment, isolation, cancelled travel plans, career moves etc! So always take a breath and take time for yourself.

The Girls Uninterrupted

What’s your ultimate girl power anthem at the moment? AKA what song was on repeat just before the show?

  • Brodie: Run the World (Girls) by Beyoncé was my entrance song and I think the words really say it all! Any of her songs amp me up every time.
  • Caitlin: Brodie is going to kill me… but I bloody love the High School Musical soundtrack and I don’t even care that I am a 30-year-old woman saying that, haha!
  • Gracie: I love the Sofi Tukker remix of ‘Alaska’ by Maggie Rogers. So fun, and catchy.

One of your recent podcast episodes revealed what potato chip you are… what QT mini bar item would you be and why?

  • Brodie: Well look – the first thing I ALWAYS demo out of the mini bar is the chips and the two Proper Crisps packets were gone in my room in about 10 minutes.
  • Caitlin: Pretty sure I’m the lollies. But also the sewing kit…?
  • Gracie: I am definitely the pre-mixed Espresso Martini, ready to be shaken with ice and poured straight in the glass! Drink immediately.

You each had so much to celebrate! Besides unwinding in your QT Gallery room, what else did you get up to in Wellington?

  • Brodie: I always love a run or walk around the stunning waterfront, and dinner and cocktails at Dragonfly is always a good time.
  • Caitlin: I used to live in Wellington for nearly three years and I love the city so, so much. I was lucky enough to get brunch on Oriental Parade with my old flatmate and walk along the beautiful waterfront.
  • Gracie: Visiting my Granny’s home in Oriental Bay! I also love visiting Moore Wilson’s… Nothing quite like it anywhere in NZ. I am a huge foodie!

What would you do if you had access to an entire QT Wellington floor for the night?

  • Brodie: It would be the mother of all slumber parties. All dressed in those gorgie robes, all the champagne that can possibly be acquired, maybe a DJ in the hallway (not sure how that would go with health and safety), and food just being constantly delivered. And then the next morning, massages and facials for everyone!
  • Caitlin: Oh wow! Is it weird that I would want it COMPLETELY to myself to drink bubbles in bed, order room service, watch rom-coms and sleep for like 10 hours straight? I probably don’t need the whole floor for that…
  • Gracie: THIS WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE! Get all my fave friends, order room service, drink copious amounts of icy champagne, then go to an art gallery opening then bar hopping all night long!

QT Gallery King

This fabulous trio stayed in our QT Gallery rooms, which each feature bespoke artwork by New Zealand talent. Pictured here, four works by Stuart Forsyth span the walls of two rooms on the Gallery floor.

Book your very own art museum sleepover and we promise you a colourful stay.

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