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Bowlzilla 2017

Feb 17, 2017  ·  2 min read

words by niall roeder

The Z-boys of Dogtown would be proud, skating pools has spread to NZ in Bowlzilla Wellington 2017.

Z-Boys, Dogtown, bowls… what is it you speak of? During the 70s, skateboarding rolled from tic tac’ing on asphalt into the smooth faces of emptied swimming pools. This evolution was the birth of vertical skating and was thanks to a record-breaking Californian drought and the ingenuity of the Zephyr Skate Team of Santa Monica and Venice, aka Dogtown. During said drought, backyard pools were drained leaving smooth, rollable surfaces – perfect for skating. Fast forward 40 odd years and purpose made skate pools, known as bowls, are commonplace in skate parks around the world.

Repost @bowlzilla – March 11…

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In 2016 Bowlzilla Wellington launched the inaugural New Zealand National Park Skating Titles and crowned the first national champions. For skaters nationwide, it was mean. Real mean.

Just as skating evolved from the old days, so has Bowlzilla. The 2017 addition will be more than just a skate comp. Bowlzilla Wellington 2017 is a competition, skate culture gathering and a celebration of the long history of skating bowls. There’ll be art exhibitions, parties and live music – it’s a bloody festival.

Besides the usual 16 & Under, Over 40 and Pro/Am Open categories, there’ll also be a Women’s comp, and with a prize pool (‘cuse that) of over $15K, it’s the richest damn skate comp in NZ.

This isn’t just for those able to varial heel flip or ollie a ten stair, all are welcome to attend… even if you do push mongo.

Carve, grind, air, celebrate.

Bowlzilla Wellington 2017 competition will be held March 11 with the festival running March 9 – 12

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