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Hotel Bath Robes Worth Stealing

There’s a few things you have to do when you spend a night in a schmick hotel. You need to pop a bottle of some description. You also need go H.A.M. when ordering room service. And of course, you need to strip down to your most vulnerable and don a hotel bath robe.

But, which hotel has the best bath robe?

Where does one find a towel-suit so plush, you’d break the law just to possess its furry tenderness? Which hotel has bath robes worth stealing?

Scroll through the “travel” hashtag on Instagram and you’ll see that locations around the world seem rampantly “stealing a piece” of young travellers’ hearts. And with theft is on the rise, we would never condone actually stealing.

But we can still ask the question…

Hotel Plaza Athenee

Plush is an understatement. If this is what the bath robe is like, imagine the bed, pillows and carpet… the toilet paper must 8 ply, for Pete’s sake.

We mentioned before that bath robes are smug, in a good way. Well, if you find yourself sitting in front of Eiffel Tower, eating croissants in this bath robe, you know you’ve reached the pinnacle of smuggery.

The Dorchester

Overlooking Hyde Park in Mayfair, this is one of London’s most iconic hotels. And their bath robe doesn’t disappoint.

The robes are next-level fluffy and aerodynamically designed to enhance tea-drinking. They come in kids’ sizes too.

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh

A darker, more regal robe from the Yinzers at the Kimpton Hotel. Far from the Dorchester robe, this luxury gown is for drinking whiskey, G&T’s, and talking shop.

QT Hotels

Smooth and stylish. Comfortable and sexy. These robes do their job. The type of gown you can fall asleep in and wake up and not feel the need to change right away.

And sometimes bath robes are optional…

words by niall roeder

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