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The 5 Best Espresso Martinis in Wellington

Jun 14, 2017  ·  3 min read

words by niall roeder

Quick! Somebody strip the title of “Mr. Worldwide” from Pitbull, he’s been overtaken in worldwidelyness… by none other than the espresso martini. Only those living under rocks would’ve have missed the fact that espresso martinis are absolutely everywhere.

From the smuggest of high-end bars to family barbeques at your mum’s house – everyone is shaking vodka with espresso and enjoying the sweet, heart-confusing buzz that only comes from a deliciously caffeinated cocktail. And Wellington is no different.

There are numerous Wellington watering holes in which you can sit and sip the coffee concoction. Some go for the classic approach, others get experimental and on the whole, they’re all rather delicious. However, to make it easier we’ve done our research and have narrowed it down to the crema of the cocktail crop.

We look at where you’ll find the best espresso martinis in Wellington.

The Library Bar
With a name like Probably the Best Espresso Martini Ever, naturally, expectations are high. Well, let me tell you that expectations are met. The proud people at The Library Bar shake vanilla infused vodka, maple syrup and cold brew coffee together and serve it topped with a slightly scorched saffron and vanilla meringue.
Address: Upstairs, 53 Courtenay Place

Monsoon Poon
Who doesn’t rub their hands together like an evil villain when faced with a menu filled with dishes from Thailand, Malaysia, India, China and Indonesia? Top that off with an espresso martini that’ll hit you for six and you’ve got yourself a damn fine evening.
The espresso martini at Monsoon Poon mixes Quick Brown Fox coffee liqueur, Belvedere vodka and orange vanilla flavoured Tuaca liqueur with an ice-chilled shot of espresso.
Address: 12 Blair Street, Te Aro

Lobby Lounge
Perched next to Hippopotamus, Lobby Lounge takes the refined route when it comes to espresso martinis. The stiff combination of Tito’s vodka, Borghetti coffee liqueur and fresh espresso in hand would give even the shabbiest of drinkers a touch a class – not even Crocs could cramp this cocktail’s style.
Address: 90 Cable St, Te Aro

The Arborist
The swill merchants at The Arborist aim their Italian-style espresso martini for those who’ve had a hard day grafting. Their signature EM involves Harpoon coffee, Absolut vanilla vodka, Galliano ristretto and Frangelico shaken and strained into a martini glass. Do you need to have worked hard to enjoy one? Hell, no. In fact, one of life’s little mysteries is getting tired from doing absolutely nothing – so, no matter the productivity of your day, don’t be shy to throw a couple of these molto bene cocktails down the hatch.
Address: 166 Willis Street 

The Churchill
Besides having a solid whisky and beer selection this Winston Churchill-inspired British gastro pub has espresso martinis on tap, meaning you don’t have to wait for the bartender to shake it out. And for those needing a pre-date courage injection and pick-me-up, that is a very good thing.
Address: 132 Lambton Quay, Wellington

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