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4 Wellington Must-sip Coffee Spots

Jan 26, 2017  ·  3 min read

words by niall roeder

The ‘90s was a golden era for Hip Hop. Midas-touch production, effortless flow and larger than life personas made for a decade of classic albums. Coffee could be at that stage right now. It feels like cafes are at the forefront pouring, roasting and blending, with brew-enthusiasts worldwide going deep down the coffee rabbit hole. With that in mind, we look at who does some of the best coffee in Wellington.

Lamason Brew Bar
The kids at Lamason Brew Bar say, “If we aren’t havn’ fun and being ruckus, we aren’t doing it properly” and to be honest, I like that philosophy. LBB is a coffee house specialising in premium espresso and siphon brewed coffee. This place is definitely worth a look see.

This joint has been representing the Wellington coffee since the early ‘90s and claims to be a pioneer of New Zealand’s now flourishing cafe culture. They sell single origins, blends, fair trade beans, and their flagship blend is New Zealand’s most popular coffee. You would not feel bad sending your mum here.

Memphis Belle Coffee House
I’m not sure if it’s the southern hospitality vibe, but Memphis Bellians really want to please your coffee needs. To make your choice tough, they have Syphon, Chemex, V60, Cold Drip, Swiss Gold and award-winning espresso on offer. Their coffee knowledge is on point too, don’t be shy to fire a few questions at them.

Mojo Coffee
These guys have found their mojo and surprise, surprise, it’s coffee. These Wellington roasters pour a quality cold brew coffee. They handcraft and brew it from a Guatemalan Santa Rosa single origin for 16+ hours and the finished product is sexy, to say the least. This is good for a post feed cuppa on a sweaty day.

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