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Marie’s Crisis Pop Up Bar 2016

By Niall Roeder

Marie’s Crisis is a New York institution, a West Village dive bar made famous by the singing, merrymaking and celebrity cameos that characterise it. From slutty beginnings as a prostitute’s den in the 1850s, it’s evolutionary path has wandered through stints as a boy bar, the prohibition era and eventually stumbled upon its true identity as a dirty and utterly charming piano sing-a-long haunt. Village Voice said it best, “It’s as if the ghost of Christmas future were showing the cast of Glee what they will someday become”. Brilliant.

Back for the second time (last year was absolutely nuts), New York Broadway returns to QT Sydney as Marie’s Crisis Pop Up Bar sets up shop in Parlour Lane Roasters as part of The Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum Now Festival presented by ANZ. To correctly transplant Marie’s vibe, the ol’ piano will be wheeled in and the bar over-stocked for a weeklong party of show tunes, arm-in-arm harmonising and filthy hangovers. The original hosts are also being flown in from West Village to complete the ‘ode to Broadway’… where everyday punters are given the opportunity to rub shoulders with stars.

If you’re keen to come along (you should be), know what you’re getting into. At Marie’s Crisis you must sing. If you’re worried about not knowing the words or not having enough courage, fret less – if you’re making noise and you’re joining in, that’s all that matters. Correct lyrics and vocals in key are a bonus. As for the courage, as mentioned Marie’s Crisis is a well-stocked bar… meaning they serve courage by the glass.

Marie’s Crisis is free to enter, but make sure you arrive early to secure a spot. Bring your best singing voice, your strongest thirst and get stuck into a bold foray of musical theatre where anything could happen.

The month long event that is Spectrum Now celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of contemporary art and design, music, film, literature and the stage in Sydney. The partnership with Spectrum Now highlights QT Sydney’s dedication to supporting and showcasing Sydney’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

Marie’s Crisis Festival Bar runs from March 1 – 10, 2016, from 5pm until late in Parlour Lane Roasters at QT Sydney

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