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Kaleidosips: Vivid Sydney cocktails in full colour

Kaleidosips: Vivid Sydney cocktails in full colour

Bask in the Global Rainbow glow during Vivid Sydney at Parlour and Gowings. QT Sydney’s collection of cocktails, Kaleidosips, takes inspiration from Yvette Mattern’s Global Rainbow, a brilliant array of coloured lasers will burst through the sky from the Sydney Westfield Tower. 

Kaleidosips dotes on different hues for a rainbow ritual to relish into the night. 

Twilight Hibiscus (blue, indigo and violet, $22) is an exotic elixir reminiscent of the night sky, a mix of white rum, ginger, Blue Curaçao, pineapple, and hibiscus. 

Vivid Sydney
Twilight Hibiscus

Our Blushing Gin Mule (pink, $22) dances between tones of bubble-gum, and is made with refreshing spiced ginger beer, fresh lime and hibiscus infused Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin. 

Vivid Sydney
Blushing Gin Mule

Served in a delicate, ice shell, Golden Glow (yellow, $25) is lusciously sweet and perfectly balanced. Made with Aqvait, Midori, banana liqueur and fresh lemon, this is a late-night libation to see you from and to golden hour.

Vivid Sydney
Golden Glow

Step into QT Sydney and get set to live life in full chroma this Vivid Sydney, with Kaleidosips. 

Gowings is open Tuesday to Saturday. Parlour is open Monday to Sunday. 


About Gowings
At Gowings our signature moves come from decades of swagger. If these walls could talk, they’d take you back, to debaucherous nights and theatrical highs. Across eras and flavours, we’ve stayed at the centre of the seen.

Under the new creative direction of Sean Connolly, Gowings’ next chapter begins on the edge of nostalgia. Inspired by New York’s Little Italy and steakhouse scene, we’re tossing classics with new energy and passion, so prepare your senses for a taste of the unexpected. Paired with a flair for flavour, tableside bravado is what we serve best. So sharpen your knives, this old soul is on fire.

Come soak up the allure and be set against the trend, and make a date with the old cool.


About Parlour
This is a new kind of French revolution. Peek into a sultry pocket of Paris, set amidst Sydney’s resurgence of rollicking times. At Parlour, good taste triumphs over all.

Layered in history, there’s always room for making some of your own. For cosying up, or causing a Seine. So come as you are, and settle in.

Parlour roars to life for the early risers, and burns the midnight oil for a late-night rendezvous. Cafe au lait to Kir Royale. Croissants to caviar.

You’re in for all-day and all-night dining. Select from Parlour’s essential dishes and seasonal specials, ranging from classic to avant-garde. All courtesy of Chef and Creative Director Sean Connolly’s signature simplicity. Down-to-earth cuisine that’s just plain un-f***-upable. (Excuse our French.)

Comfort extends beyond the good food, with Sean’s gift for making even the most bustling bistro feel as carefree as your very own living room, or perhaps your very own Parisian salon.

Welcome to Parlour, Sydney’s new way to soirée.

24 May until 15 June 2024
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