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A meal over a meeting with the mind behind the menu of Lola’s Level 1

May 23, 2022  ·  3 min read

Quintessentially Bondi, Lola’s Level 1 is edgy yet relaxed, and has impeccable taste. With stunning views of the famous beach framed by palm trees, another stop off the main strip that we’re stoked to be the recent addition to our pacific paradise.

Inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean with an occasional Latin American twist, one look at the menu and you’ll be salivating. We’re speaking from expeirence here. But when you’re faced with so many fresh and exciting options the prospect of food envy is very real. So, we thought we’d bring in the big guns to help us choose. We sat with Head Chef Ivan our guide through the Mediterranean, with a few pit stops to make along the way– from Lisbon to Barca and up on to Rome.

Welcome to Bondi! We’re thrilled to have you have as a neighbour – what’s your food philosophy?
“The focus of our food is on flavour. Each dish is made with love. The secret is in the simplicity of the Mediterranean ingredients, but the skill is in the balance.”

Everything on the menu sounds delish, but what would you order?
“If I had to choose one dish from the menu, the octopus with slow-baked potatoes, nduja and lime is the winner for me. The char from the grill intensifies the taste of the octopus and together with the spiciness of the nduja adds a layer of “I’m here!” to the dish. Or I’d order the chicken with salsa macha de macadamias, which has a Latin American influence. Some customers have said they could eat a whole jar of the salsa just by itself, it’s that good!”

How does the Mediterranean flavours translate to drinks? 
“The wine is stunning but you simply can’t look past the cocktail menu. Balance out the flavourful dishes the firm favourite that has a little lip-smacking zing; Cocktail #1 which is Tequila, Coconut and Habanero. Or if you fancy a lighter drop, the Spritz Menu is completely unique to Lola’s. There’s the zesty, sweet Orange Etna Aperitif Spritz, or the Rhubi Spritz made with Rhubi Nouveau Mistelle – all the delicious taste of rhubarb without the cheek-sucking tartness.”

Famous last words?
“If you’ve not been to Lola’s yet, what are you waiting for?”

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