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The Views of Queenstown Are Best From Above

Yeah, yeah, we all know that Queenstown is famously beautiful, spectacularly striking and also any given array of other adverbial adjectives. Just like the Em Ratas and Chris Hemsworth’s of the world, Queenstown is so damn good-looking it’s almost offensive. But where can one properly take in the beauty of Queenstown? Where do you perch to get the best bird’s eye view of the mountain village?

We look at four of the best vantage spots to digest the ocular feast that is Queenstown from above.

Bob’s Peak

One of the most Instagrammable locations in New Zealand could very well be the view from Bob’s Peak and it is quintessentially Queenstown.

If you’re feeling spritely, the Tiki Trail is a great way to stretch your legs and really makes you earn the rewarding view. Otherwise, if you’d rather float up on the breeze, the Skyline Queenstown Gondola cruises up the 450 metre elevation to Bob’s Peak every day.

Get to the chopper …

If you take Arnie’s advice and you do actually “get to the chopper”, you won’t be disappointed, no matter where it goes.

There’s a wide range of flight paths and companies to choose from, like the highly recommended Cecil Peak Scenic Flight.

Have a chat to your trusty heli provider to get the lay of the land and you’ll be flying pretty in no time.

Queenstown Hill walk

Not the most strenuous of strolls but one that delivers a big reward, the Queenstown Hill walk is a two hour return loop with an extra 30 minutes if you head to the very popular ‘Basket of Dreams’ lookout. The type of walk that makes you feel like an outdoorsy-person without truly roughing it.

Sit at the bar

I know what you’re thinking, all these options involve so much movement … is there a plonk-yourself-down-and-take-it-all-in alternative? The stylish and snug Reds Bar at QT Queenstown is that option.

The view from Reds Bar won’t just take your breath away, it will abruptly snatch it from your lungs and leave you gasping in disbelief. Lucky there’s a host of quick-thinking bartenders at hand to provide breath-returning refreshments.

words by niall roeder

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