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Taste the Colours of the Rainbow

Winter Pride has arrived and we are ready to celebrate Queens! Glam up, glitter and all, and strut yourself down the corridors like it’s your time to slay the catwalk. Reds Bar at QT Queenstown welcomes you and your chosen family with open arms and delicious elixirs. We’ve got a tipple for all tastes, a flavour for all folk, a swig for all sensibilities. Named after fierce drag queens, we have one of six colour concoctions to choose from.

Now, time to meet the fierce ladies taking residence center stage at Reds. 

First up we have the red Strawberry Fields who sounds just like her namesake. A deliciously sweet and refreshing strawberry delight, one sip and you’re transported to a bluebird summer’s day, toes spread in the grass. Red on the pride flag represents life, and boy will she give you life, sweet life.

Second in the line-up we present to you our orange Coco Montrese. A queen, a classic, some may even call her… old fashioned. She’s strong yet sweet and we are not joking. Orange represents healing so come get your medicine.

What colour makes you happier than yellow? What drink makes you happier than bubbles? Lady Bubbles combines the best of the yellow flavours with the effervescence of prosecco on the side. They’re a ray of sunlight if I’ve ever seen one, that’s exactly what yellow on the flag represents.

This queen is mighty lean and always preened, so fresh and so clean, it’s Veronica Green. They’re a little sweet, and a little sour, but damn are they smooth. On the pride flag, green symbolises nature and how we are all connected to natural things.

Coming in at the penultimate spot, what better way to stay hydrated than with our very own Blu Hydrangea. Our mixologist uses their magical touch to turn this tropical hunk blue, whose taste will carry you to true serenity on your holiday. Depending on your historical definition, the shades of blue in the flag represent both magic and serenity, so we thought it’s best to include both for good measure.

And finally, the guy who may be last but is certainly not least: Violet Chachki. This violet dream is a floral delight, he’s a walk in a botanical garden, he’s a handful of freshly picked flowers. The final colour violet represents spirit, and that spirit of the LGBTQI+ community standing in solidarity.

Come join the party and pick by your favourite flavour, colour, icon or don’t pick at all and instead try one each day to taste the full rainbow – cause life is more fun when we live and love in technicolour.

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