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Miss Manage: Putting the Queen in Queenstown this Winter Pride

Aug 23, 2022  ·  4 min read

Meet Miss Manage. She’s one boss biatch you don’t want to mess with, so don’t even think about upstaging her. She’s hella fierce and puts the ‘ass’ in class. She will do anything, and we mean ANYTHING, to be cast as the leading lady. She eats paparazzi for lunch and dinner, because frankly my dear, she doesn’t give a damn!

Jeremy AKA Miss Manage, is the creator of drag cabaret trio Les Femmes, New Zealand’s leading cabaret drag sensation which promises slick vocals, tight choreography and a whole lot of fun. One for musical theatre, yes the trio are actually trained singers, Jeremy is a performer, creative producer, director and choreographer. He has worked on behind the scenes, directing shows like Chess, and performing front and centre, in productions like Jersey Boys, Legally Blonde and Chicago.

Les Femmes are coming to QT Queenstown for one fabulous brunch during Winter Pride and QTies, we’re in for one wild ride. Miss Manage gives us a lesson in Drag 101, on what we can expect.

QT: When was it you first discovered drag and what drew you to taking up the art yourself?

Miss Manage: I first discovered drag while studying musical theatre which is what I’m trained in, as are Miss Givings and Miss Demeanor. I was always intrigued by the performative nature of drag and the opportunity to express femininity openly, which is something I was teased a lot about during school… Especially being a ballet dancer. My first show out of drama school was La Cage Aux Folles, in which I played a fabulous bossy queen called Mercedes. From there I dabbled a little before doing a couple of productions of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and after these experiences I was pretty adamant about starting a cabaret drag trio… And voila!

QT: Do you have any particular queens who have inspired you?

Miss Manage: Stephanie’s Child are a singing drag trio from New York and leading inspiration for Les Femmes, specifically Lagoona Bloo, the only member not to be on Ru Pauls Drag Race… Yet. Jinkx Monsoon is another huge inspiration too, her vocals and comedy chops are next level!


QT: We know queens often come in different styles, from comedy queens to fashionistas. What talents are the Les Femmes leading ladies known for?

Miss Manage: Les Femmes are singing cabaret queens, so our brand is very comedic in nature, mixed with live vocals, lush harmonies and a healthy dose of audience interaction. Miss Manage is the sassy comedy queen of the group but is also responsible for the lewks, the hair and all the makeup. I love nothing more than riffing with an audience who is laughing hysterically but I do want to look cute while doing it. I’d say Miss Manage is 65% comedy queen and 45% campy-fashionista.

QT: So we know prizes for Ladies Who Brunch are all in the form of bottles, if you could win a bottle of anything what would you want?

Miss Manage: A magnum sized bottle of purple gin. Gin is my absolute fav and purple is my signature colour after all. How about a bottle with Miss Manage on the label, collab anyone?

QT: If you could only sing one song for the rest of your life what would it be?

Miss Manage: It would have to be something from the queen Celine Dion. I Surrender is one of my fav bops. My dream is for a Celine Dion musical. That would be absolute heaven!


QT: Here at QT we love all things a little peculiar and touch quirky – so what is an odd little quirk that sets you apart from the norm?

Miss Manage: Apart from the fact that I’m a 7 ft tall ginger drag queen? I barely have a sense of smell. It works quite well because my darling significant other and I live with 3 highly dairy intolerant flatmates…

Let Miss Manage, Miss Givings and Miss Demeanour blow your jocks off with their hilarious show on September 4th, paired with Bazaar’s famous Marketplace brunch. Prosecco at the ready. You might also find the gals getting up to mischief of sorts all weekend at QT Queenstown.

Book your tickets to Ladies Who Brunch here


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