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Get It, Honey 🍯

Mar 27, 2022  ·  3 min read

Everyone needs a little sweet for their tea time to time, and we are stoked to announce you can have exactly that – QT Styles.

Here at QT we are known wide for individuality, expression and finding fantasy in the tipple and fodder of local legends –and our honey is no different. Partnering up with the incredible team at Tiaki Bees in Wanaka (a whole mountain range away, but if towns could be besties, Wanaka is totally the bend to our Queenstown snap) we have set up alpine-inspired bee-homes for the newest, and cutest, members of the QT Queenstown family.

All Summer long these fluffy babies have been pollinating so hard we’ve had to renovate the house to make way for several more floors of that sweet, sweet nectar. Our chef team have been tapping the source for exceptional desserts, cocktails, and breakfast delights to satiate even the sourest of tastebud tendencies. It’s a dream team concoction of the highest order –and we are here to cheer the hard work of these fantastic little winged beings as they keep the wild-flowers blooming and the nectar of the Gods flowing freely.

This joint-venture with Tiaki Bees has seen an end of summer haul of over 40kg of honey – that’s basically a whole human! With this exceptional gathering of liquid gold, we will have half available for purchase from our Bazaar breakfast, and Red’s cocktail bar, and the other half going straight into the kitchen to be whipped into extravagance by the QT Team.

STOP! Real talk ahead…

Having the ability to create and sustain such an integral part of the pollinators network is not just an incredibly tasty addition to our kitchens – it’s an indispensable ingredient in the framework of creating a sustainable future, where we keep our home on the earth as wild as she needs to be to continue hosting life in all it’s perfect chaos. Choosing locally sourced and sustainable ingredients for every corner of our food, beverage and hotel offerings cuts down on the depth of the ecological footprint we leave behind. Just as an Elven Queen once said (in a magical forest partially filmed on our doorstep) “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future” (Thanks Cate, you’re a treasure), and I don’t know about you, but taking tiny steps to protect what we have, and celebrating the individuality of the moment is this QT’s quintessential timestamp.

Resting amongst the wild peaks of the South Island of Aotearoa is a special place to call home – join us in protecting these lands through the smallest deeds in the every-day.

Honeybees may be small, but they are mighty! Just like you.

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