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Gallery 6’s first exhibition: Double Up by artist Alexandra Weston

Sep 1, 2023  ·  3 min read

From a 12 metre hallway to a canvas for modern and vibrant artworks which play homage to renowned festivals and celebrations from every corner of the globe. Displayed as dynamic duos in a colorful dance of symmetry, each piece mirrors its counterpart as spots of colour are strewn across large Perspex panels in perfect harmony. ‘Double Up’ is Gallery 6’s inaugural exhibition in collaboration with artist Alexandra Weston, who has curated 16 works of art, sold in pairs.  

Your ticket to a world of chromatic jubilation, here’s a look at the first 16 pieces to grace our walls.  

Music and humour are the fundamentals of this street party extravaganza. The exuberant burst of revelry and colour ends with the Spanish tradition of burying a sardine.


Inti Raymi is a festival designed to honour the sun to ensure a good harvest for the months ahead. Think traditional Incan wool costumes with gold and silver in abundance plus offerings of flowers and food.


Hogmanay is a Scottish term for new year festivities. Its origins reach back to the celebration of the winter solstice. Fiery traditions with shortbread, fruitcake – and whisky, of course.


In the joyful frenzy of Carnevale in Venice, a place of honour goes to the splendid historical costumes. Seen parading along the Venetian streets. Spotted posing in the most beautiful corners of the city. incomplete without a mask.


The Hungarian carnival, Farsang, is a sendoff to winter with colourful processions, bonfires, sheepskin costumes, lavish parties and tasty goulash, fruit brandy even deep-fried dough.


Beginning in 1852 this glowing event kicked off as a homage to the Virgin Mary. Today it’s a full-blown showcase of living heritage in Lyon, France. Colours projected, textures abundant and moodiness unparalleled. 


Lanes of Japanese cherry blossom bring billowy pink and white blooms in the spring. Promising new life, the pretty puffs have a sense of vitality and vibrancy. At the same time their fleeting lifespan is gentle reminder to all. 


MassKara literally means ‘many faces’ and the festival is just that with its sea of smiling masks. Colour, life and gaiety has landed Bacolod in the Philippines with the title of ‘city of smiles’.

‘Double Up’ is set to take a six-month reign of Gallery 6 with Alexandra introducing new pieces to go on display as the artworks find a home on the walls of their new owners. 

View the current art guide here 

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