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Seeing Double, QT Queenstown Launches New Art Gallery and Chocolate Bar

Posted on: 23 August 2023

An exhibition that never closes, QT Queenstown has launched Gallery 6. An art gallery on level six of the award-winning lakeside hotel, Gallery 6 is a 12-meter-long space for local New Zealand artists to tell stories through the abstract and the picturesque, sounding symphonies of surrealism and cacophonies of creativity. Gallery 6’s inaugural exhibition ‘Double Up’ is by Lyttleton-based artist Alexandra Weston, who brings a kaleidoscope of captivating canvases, splashes of colour and strokes of expressive joy to the hallways of QT Queenstown.

Weston is a joy-seeking colourist, creating works of curious colour on Perspex panels. A whole new set of works created specifically for ‘Double Up’ consists of 16 artworks showcased in pairs, stirred by the beauty of symmetry and the oomph of a mirrored image. The series takes inspiration from traditions and celebrations, both ancient and modern, to present balance, with each piece named after famous festivals around the world.

“What delights me about festivals and carnivals is the colour and flamboyancy that’s enhanced by symmetry and repetition. Double Up presents the works in symmetrical pairs and I am thrilled to see them on display at QT Queenstown’s new Gallery 6,” says artist Alexandra Weston of the exhibition.

“Bringing local art into our design-led hotel will further enhance the experience for our guests at QT Queenstown. We’re pleased to be able to support the arts in Aotearoa, giving artists a space to showcase their talents,” says Jeremy Black, General Manager of QT Queenstown.

‘Double Up’ will be exhibiting to national and international audiences until March 2024.

QT’s Ember Chocolate Bar
Coinciding with the launch of Gallery 6, QT Queenstown is celebrating a sweet collaboration with Dunedin-based ethical chocolate maker OCHO, who have joined forces to create a bespoke QT Queenstown chocolate bar. ‘Ember’ is a milk chocolate bar with notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and smoked caramel to evoke the flavours and aromas of Queenstown. Inspired by open-air fireplaces, mulled wine spice, and the heady warmth of vanilla – a nod to snow-capped peaks that define the winter playground. The distinctly decadent bar is wrapped in a recyclable paper wrapper that features Alexandra Weston’s artwork ‘Pöttyök 115’, a playful nod to the adventurous spirit of the town.

“OCHO had so much fun crafting a flavour unique to Queenstown. Exploring the ‘expect the unexpected’ axiom of the QT brand, we infused caramel with unexpected notes of smoke, a flavour you won’t find in many bars. We are delighted to share our craft with QT’s discerning clientele and are very grateful for the opportunity to share our values – one bar at a time,” says OCHO General Manager Angela Howell of the collaboration.

Ember is available to purchase exclusively from the lobby at QT Queenstown, from 16 August. Each 95g bar retails for $19.


Press Images here

Notes to the Editor:
Gallery 6 opens officially on August 16, with an exhibition of works by Alexandra Weston. The exhibition is free to view, located on level six of the hotel, until March 2024 and all artworks will be available to purchase.

About Ocho:
Provenance is important to Ocho, an ethical, bean-to-bar chocolate company that grew from a community’s efforts to preserve the 150-year chocolate-making tradition in Dunedin when the local Cadbury factory ceased operations. With the belief that single-origin chocolate is like fine wine, Ocho takes an individual approach to each bean, roasting according to size, water, and cocoa butter content. This honours the flavour of the bean, which varies from season to location. Ember is created using single-origin milk chocolate beans from Papua New Guinea. Learn more about OCHO here.

About Alexandra Weston:
Alexandra Weston resides in Lyttleton with her husband and three daughters. Beginning her creative career in Hong Kong selling limited edition signed lithographs, Alexandra then went on to founding a children’s clothing label, selling to Paris, New York, London, Sydney, and Tokyo before opening a lifestyle store on the Southside of Hong Kong, designing wooden furniture, cushions, light shades, and art under her own label. Upon returning to New Zealand, Alexandra found herself shifting more and more into creating her own art until it became her full-time gig. Famous for her Pöttyök series, Alexandra creates bright, colourful artworks on matte or clear Perspex panels, resulting in the work being at the back of the acrylic sheet when viewed. Learn more about Alexandra Weston and her works here.

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