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Melbourne’s Most Artistic Hotel Partners With Australian Centre For Contemporary Art (ACCA)

Posted on: 05 June 2017

Perfectly aligned in their cultural and creative outlooks, QT Melbourne has this month secured an ongoing partnership with one of the nation’s flagship contemporary art spaces, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA).

As two special destinations within Melbourne’s sophisticated cultural mix, the partnership will inspire an array of exciting engagements and space activations, with both parties working closely to create bespoke events and opportunities that reflect the city’s intrinsic creative and artistic ethos.

Operating as a contemporary art space in the tradition of the European Kunsthalle, ACCA’s focus is on ambitious commissioning and exhibiting new work by leading artists. Four annual seasons of exhibitions are presented in its iconic, award-winning building in the centre of the Southbank arts precinct.

With a large emphasis on art and design, QT Melbourne proved to be an ideal partner for ACCA, as they also play a pivotal role in the promotion and nurturing of artistic endeavours both locally and abroad.

“Both ACCA and QT are leaders in innovative art and design, working at the forefront of their respective industries,” said Amanda Love, QT’s specialist Art Curator. “This collaboration is the perfect union with many of the artists on display in QT Melbourne also exhibited at ACCA – including Grant Stevens, Claire Healey and Sean Cordeiro, Tony Garifalakis, Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley, Gabriella Mangano and Silvana Mangano”

Late last year, a new executive team led by Artistic Director and CEO, Max Delaney, ushered in a new era for ACCA. Continuing ACCA’s history of ambitious exhibitions and an increasing emphasis on public programming to suit a range of new and existing audiences; inter-organisational partnerships in Australia and abroad; as well as plans to collaboratively increase activity in the Southbank arts precinct all herald an exciting new chapter, one that QT Melbourne looks forward to supporting.

“ACCA is keen to engage diverse audiences and encourage participation in and experience of a critically engaged culture around contemporary art ” said Max Delaney, “we especially appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with QT Melbourne to form new connections, welcome new visitors to ACCA and promote a culture of curiosity and transformation.”

Leveraging off Melbourne’s dynamic art scene, the QT Melbourne and ACCA partnership is one to watch and reinforces the company’s position in the city’s creative milieu as a visionary supporter of contemporary art.

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