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Bondi Welcomes the ADRIATIC: QT Bondi Introduces New Artist In Residence Program, With Emma Maggs

Posted on: 10 May 2024

QT Bondi has unveiled a new artist residency on the ground floor, welcoming the ethereal and empowering works of Emma Maggs. Maggs’ captivating ADRIATIC collection now adorns the walls of the beachside hotel, relishing a six-month residency, bringing a fresh artistic flair to the iconic locale.

Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Montenegro, Maggs’ ADRIATIC collection invites guests to embark on a visual journey from Bondi to the sun-kissed shores of the Adriatic Sea. Through her evocative underwater imagery, Maggs celebrates themes of self-discovery, sisterhood, and the beauty of femininity.

With a style described as “ferociously feminine,” Maggs draws inspiration from the interplay of light and water to capture the essence of her subjects. Her portfolio showcases a unique ability to evoke introspection and wonder, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a celebration of art and storytelling.

As an artist in residence, Maggs will showcase her work throughout QT Bondi’s dynamic environment, from the lobby to guest rooms. “I am thrilled for my residency at QT Bondi,” says Maggs. “Bringing the ADRIATIC collection to this iconic beachside locale is a milestone in my artistic journey.”

Maggs’ residency promises to be an exciting new chapter for both the artist and the hotel, offering guests a fusion of art, hospitality, and community that will captivate visitors and locals alike.


View the full ADRIATIC collection: Here

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