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33 Reasons to see Hyper Real at the NGA

Oct 9, 2017  ·  3 min read

We’ll get to those 33 reasons why you need to head along to the NGA this summer in a bit, firstly, let’s discuss how we see the human condition.

What really connects us? Is it the cycle of life; the periods of youth and the entanglement of age. Is it the want and need to communicate ideas or the is the hate that harbours deep for those we despise? Is the common thing that connects us all the fear of the unknown; the fear of what the real meaning of life could be? Luckily I’m not here to answer that, far more have tried to answer those questions before – trying to even attempt any of the above would render a fool out of me. Though it’s an interesting question, is it not?

This summer, actually October 20, see the beginning of the National Gallery of Australia’s newest exhibition, Hyper Real.

Using a myriad of mediums from sculpture to virtual reality, Hyper Real is set to be the highlight of the summer season on a national scale.

Now to those 32 reasons why you need to see Hyper Real:

  1. AES+F (Russia)
  2. Shaun Gladwell (Aus)
  3. Jan Nelson (Aus)
  4. Zharko Basheski (Macedonia)
  5. Evan Penny (Canada)
  6. Tony Oursler (USA)
  7. Stephen Birch (Aus)
  8. Robert Gober (USA)
  9. Patricia Piccinini (Aus)
  10. Maurizio Cattelan (Italy)
  11. Duane Hanson (USA)
  12. Marc Quinn (UK)
  13. John De Andrea (USA)
  14. Sam Jinks (Aus)
  15. Mel Ramos (US)
  16. Berlinde de Bruyckere (Belgium)
  17. Allen Jones (UK)
  18. Ugo Rondinone (Swiss)
  19. Keith Edmier (USA)
  20. Peter Land (Denmark)
  21. Jamie Salmon (UK)
  22. Cao Fei (China)
  23. Tony Matelli (USA)
  24. George Segal (USA)
  25. Carole A Feuerman (USA)
  26. Paul McCarthy (USA)
  27. Marc Sijan (Serbia)
  28. Daniel Firman (France)
  29. Ron Mueck (Aus)
  30. Ronnie van Hout (NZ/Aust)
  31. Sun Yuan (China
  32. Peng Yu (China)

That’s right, all those above are talented AF artists that will be showcasing over 50 pieces aimed to mess with your head while answering the question, ‘What makes us human?‘.

… Where’s the 33rd reason though?

Good question.

We here at QT Canberra can’t wait to get amongst this exhibition, so much so that we teamed up with the NGA to bring a Hyper Real Experience like no other. With overnight accommodation, daily breakfast, overnight parking and two tickets to Hyper Real, this

With overnight accommodation, daily breakfast, parking and two tickets to Hyper Real, this rounds out this handy list and will no doubt urge to QT Canberra and check out Hyper Real at the NGA.

Book the Hyper Real Experience HERE

Hyper Real is on at the National Gallery of Australia from October 20 to February 18 – more information HERE

words by ben stephens

image: AES+F Inverso mundus 2015 HD video installation © AES+F | ARS New York Courtesy the artists, MAMM Anna Schwarz Gallery and Triumph Gallery

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