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Canberra’s Best Donuts

By Ashleigh Went.

Mmm… donuts. Just the word sends me off into a glazy, fluffy foodie daydream. Whether you’re the warm cinnamon sugar type, or like ‘em stuffed, glazed and sprinkled, the Canberra donut scene has something for everyone.


Bomboli are dominating my Instagram feed, and I love it. Such is my love for Bombolini that once when I was having a bad day, my better half bought me a bunch of Bombolinis instead of flowers. This is because a Bombolini can brighten even the darkest of days, with their delicious creamy fillings and delectable flavour combinations. They do a Homemade Raspberry Jam that’s like your standard jam donut, only better, plus comdinations like butterscotch & cornflakes, chai custard and dried mango, salted butterscotch and hazelnut… please excuse me while I wipe the drool off my desk.

Urban Pantry

Confession: I have completely lost myself in thought while in the line waiting to pay at Urban Pantry, mesmerised by the delicious looking donuts lined up in the glass cake counter. They are generously sized, thick in volume but light and fluffy in texture, and doused in cinnamon sugar. Pair with one of their coffees for the perfect afternoon tea.

Veganarchy Baking

Doing the no dairy thing? That’s cool, you can get your donut fix too thanks to the crew at Veganarchy Baking who frequent the Old Bus Depot Markets of a weekend. Stock up on cruelty free glazed baked goods in flavours like homemade raspberry jam, nutella, crème brulee, cookies and cream and more. My favourite? The salted caramel pecan. You’re welcome.

Capitol Bar and Grill

Our ‘Ciambelle Bambino” Baby Doughnuts are not just intensely, decadently delicious, but they’re pretty damn cute if we do say so ourselves. These babies come dusted in cinnamon sugar and are served with syringes of vanilla custard and jam syringes so you can inject until your heart and tastebuds are content. They also come with honey from our very own rooftop beehive. Share them with your date or keep them all to yourself.

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