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Welcome to Winter

Jun 1, 2017  ·  2 min read

image from northbound, lukasz zamaro

words by ben stephens

It’s rather bloody chilly outside. Don’t go out there, just take my word for it. It’s cold.

Not snowing cold like the Australian alpine region (that place is getting absolutely dumped in white powder!), but for it’s no longer easy to get away with thongs, shorts and t-shirts, you’ll catch a cold for sure.

The best thing about the Wintery months in the Bondi Bubble has to be the sun rises. The windchill is proven to make for a better rise over the Pacific… That’s not a study I could find anywhere on the interwebs, but if you’re like me, you’ve caught your fair share of ridic sunrises and know what I’m on about here.

If you haven’t caught your haul of winter sunrises, then I advise that you quickly hop on down to the southern cliffs of Bondi pre-sunrise and catch a glimpse of the natural beauty. It’s truly something rad and worth watching.

To bet the colder months and keep your warmth about you, we would recommend a little morning Yoga. Head to a little Vinyasa class at Power Living, a heated version of yoga that is sure to wake the body up and get you all bendy.

Then you’ll need a coffee, of which there are plenty of good spots around the bubble for that; check out a bunch of them HERE

After which, Winter in Bondi is all about food, so why not check out a couple of our favourite haunts around town HERE

Though, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could head to the beach and get some of those winter rays on the sandy shore of Bondi?

If you’re into sandcastles, we found this little #inspo piece for you to froth on. A frozen, skateable halfpipe on the Norwegian shores? This thing is insane. The sand is just frozen matter. Check out the full video HERE

However, you’re going to spend this Winter, stay close to QT as we launch our Re-Balance package, taking in all the goods that Bondi has to offer during the Winter, coming soon!

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