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Where’s The Kombucha At?

By Niall Roeder…

You might have heard of Kombucha (kom-boo-cha). An intriguing drink. A healthy, golden brown, intriguing drink. I’m not sure how you make it… or where you get it from, but I’m pretty sure it’s healthy and it’s golden brown. And you drink it.

Enough mystery – let’s clarify. The brown tonic has been sipped for centuries in Eastern Europe, Russia, China and Japan and has been referred to as ‘the Tea of Immortality’ for its health benefits. So damn mysterious.

Kombucha is fermented black or green tea and organic raw cane sugar. It’s slightly effervescent and it’s alive! Kombucha is a living thing, in that it’s a probiotic (live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health) and like anything fermented, generates a tiny amount of alcohol, caffeine and sugar. In this body-is-a-temple day and age we live in, there’s more and more evidence suggesting that a healthy gut is extremely important, and that probiotics, like kombucha, help balance out your gut flora and are shown to boost immunity and overall health.

Thanks to the healthy legends at Ballsy Brewing, Bondi dwellers don’t have to leave town to taste the beneficial brew. The Orchard Street Cafe And Elixir Bar on Brighton Boulevard has Ballsy Brewing’s signature potion, Wild Kombucha, on tap. How good.

Ballsy Brewing was born after a trip to Hawaii. Owners Matt and Lara returned from Maui, having been inspired by the vibrant energy of the Hawaiian Islands and the way they felt after drinking the local kombucha. They felt really good. So good that they decided to pull up life’s handbrake and steer away from their careers in the arts and medicine to make the stuff. Research and brewing ensued, and after getting the thumbs-up from friends and family, they decided to manifest the dream of becoming the king and queen of kombucha. And it’s a good thing for us they did, because until they popped up it wasn’t the most available thirst quencher… also if they make it (and make it bloody well), it means we don’t have to.

So now the mystery has been removed. Has this piqued your interest? If yes, go grab a Wild Kombucha from the minibar in your room and take a swig. It’s curious and sweet. It’s tart and refreshing. And it’s good for you.

Wild Kombucha from the minibar incurs a $11 cost.

Images: Ballsy Brewing

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