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Wanderlust 108

By Niall Roeder.

Breakout the yoga pants, open your mind’s eye and set positive vibe emissions to Zen setting – the world’s only mindful triathlon, Wanderlust 108, is coming to Bondi April 16.

A mindful triathlon ay? I know what you’re thinking, what the moksha is that? Maybe it’s a race in which no bugs are squashed? A swim, bike, run through one’s imagination perhaps? Both wrong, sort of. Wanderlust 108 is event based around vibrant community, self-awareness and inner peace movement, which I think we can agree are all good things.

The ‘race’ (if you can even call it that) is made up of three legs; movement, yoga and meditation.


The first leg is a five-kilometre path to be tackled however you want. Sprint, crawl, roll or fly, doesn’t matter how you get there, just get there. Channel Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World and stretch-out those pins with a group of fellow Wanderlusters frothing on life. Get the blood flowing and breath in the fresh coastal air – it’s time to move.


When stage one is completed, move into a yoga flow underscored by a DJ and led by The Boys of Yoga. Yoga rookies and experts alike pull up mats to breath, ruminate and arrange their bodies, together for 75-minutes.


Get your sit together and complete the Mindful Triathlon with the icing on the mindful cake -a 30-minute meditation guided by 1 Giant Mind co-founder and meditation master, Jonni Pollard with music by Arli Liberman.

Besides the triathlon, there’ll be DJs, hooping, slacklining, acroyoga, tribal marking workshop, healthy local chow stalls and a kombucha bar, as well as teachers, speakers and musical performers. This is an all-day activity that’ll leave you relaxed and refreshed and (for all those Anger Management fans out there) very Goosfrabaaa.

Wanderlust 108 is on Bondi Beach April 16, 2016 (8:30AM – 4:00PM).

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