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Three Stiff Bondi Cocktails to Remind You of Warmer Days

Autumn might have technically started when we flipped the calendar page to March, however, temperature-wise Autumn well and truly arrived this week. The air got crispier than a piece of the Colonel’s finest and the chills started multiplying. We think that the mercury dropping calls for a stiff drink, so we’ve lined up three Bondi cocktails to warm you up.

Al caffe

Don’t let the lump of ice fool you. When you and a few pals are snugly huddled around a table at the buzzing Bondi Beach Public Bar sipping an Al caffe, you’ll feel far from icy. The vodka and espresso hit, combined with some fiery chat and a serving of squished burgers that will have you melting with glee.

Al caffe at Bondi Beach Public Bar – Ketel one vodka, Kahlua, espresso and vanilla

Mango Mule

Another vodka based Bondi cocktail to shoo away the autumn and winter blues … The Mango Mule at The Anchor sublimely blends the sharpness of lime, the sweetness of mango, the curdiness of curd, and the light bubbles from ginger beer. Go down on the Sabbath, get stuck into the Sunday roast lamb shank, pork neck or beef cheek, and use the Mango Mules as an aperitif … and digestif.

Mango Mule at The Anchor – Vodka, Anchor secret mango curd, lime and ginger beer, topped with dry mango

Passionfruit Mojito

The Bucket List is a classic Bondi cocktail joint and its cocktail jugs are classic Bondi cocktails. The passionfruit mojito goes down a little too easy in summer, and surprise surprise, it’s no different when it’s a tad nippier.

Rug up, partner up and go to town on the sweet passionfruit mojito, grilled QLD haloumi (smoky eggplant, cucumber, honey, sesame, mint) and crispy Victorian squid (polenta and fennel crusted, fennel salt, parsley, aioli, lemon) – to share.

Passionfruit Mojito at The Bucket List Bondi – Pampero, passionfruit, mint, lime in a pitcher to share

words by niall roeder

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