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The Global Table 2016

By Amy Wisemantel.

On May 1, an iconic Bondi event will be taking place and you best prepare your tastebuds for it. The Global Table is an annual event held in Bondi Junction and is an initiative of the Waverley Council to bring people of different cultures together to dine on what each has to offer. Basically you’re looking at a flavour party, a cuisine fiesta, a culinary rave.

12 countries are represented and each country will rep their traditional attire, so it’s a feast for the eyes and the ears as well as your stomach. being in Sydney you experience the benefits of living in a multicultural society, but have you ever eaten food from Mexico, Greece and Peru all in the same place? I didn’t think so. Welcome to Global Table!

Feel free to take a seat at the 35m long communal tables that are provided and have a chat with your neighbours or take your choice of delicacy and walk while you decide what exotic fare will be next. The options range from super exotic to more mild and accessible – things you might have already tried living here. There are also cooking demonstrations taking place all day, and if some kids will be tagging along with you there’s plenty of activities to keep them entertained while you stuff your face with international grub… But, there will be face painting and a jumping castle so maybe hit that up with them before getting stuck in. No one wants a little vom vom on the jumping castle.

It’s a great thing to be able to see people of different cultures sitting down and enjoying a meal or three, together. If you take the time to swing by and grab some food or dedicate the afternoon to getting very full with Tibetan and Ethiopian food that you wouldn’t be able to eat in your normal life, there will be no disappointment and only a food coma and warm fuzzies.

Get in there.

The Global Table is on Sunday, May 1, 2016.

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