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Taste the Tapas of Bondi Beach

May 25, 2017  ·  2 min read

words by james phillips

It’s a question that’s plagued humanity ever since the Spaniards brought the culinary delight to the world. The vast majority of the civilised world would answer quite obviously no, certainly not. The best rebuttal I’ve heard so far is; “maybe if it’s all in one sitting”… and I still find that a dubious premise.

Regardless of whether it is indeed possible to have ‘too much tapas’…Tapas is undoubtedly one of the heavyweights of the cuisine scene. It doesn’t get too much better than tantalising little dishes served with sangria and wine at an ambient bar.

Once the Spaniards ventured out of their country to explore the globe, it didn’t take long for the populations of the world to get on board with the deliciousness, Australia being no exception… In Bondi live some of the best Tapas bars in the city.

Here’s where you can try answering the age-old question of whether there is such a thing as too much tapas…

Mojo’s Tapas Bar
Located on the South side of Campbell Parade about halfway up the hill, this traditional Spanish tapas bar has been satisfying locals & visitors alike for the past 15 years. Happy hour on the weekends, laid-back atmosphere, good music, great cocktails and the most extensive tapas menu of any bar make this place an absolute must-try. They even open up a Karaoke room after dark from Monday through Thursday for when things start to get weird.

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