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Really, Really, Really Good Surfers

words by ben stephens

Quick Question…. Who out of the below professional surfers, who would you have on your team?

Mick Fanning Tyler Wright Matt Wilkinson Alana Blanchard Bethany Hamilton Gabriel Medina Owen Wright Nikki Van Dijk Louie Hynd Jacob Willcox Tom Curren Mason Ho Rosy Hodge Conner Coffin Pauline Ado

It’s a flawed question. Because the only correct answer is ALL OF THEM.

Imagine that team out in the lineup, with each athlete stamping their own unique style on each wave that rolls in.

Ahh, what a dream… Wait. Hang on little minute, this isn’t a dream, this is the entire

Wait…. Hang on a minute this isn’t a dream, this is the entire Rip Curl Surf Team!

I thought I had seen the silky smooth combination of all these champs somewhere before.

If you’re not totally over all the stick waxers above, no stress, the good people at Rip Curl have come up with a nice little series, aptly named Really, Really, Really Good Surfers.

A clickbait title if ever I’ve seen one, though this one doesn’t disappoint.

And the best thing, you can binge watch the first three episodes right here:


‘I had a coffee from Sparrow this morning and it got me ready to go’ – Matt Wilkinson on how he preps for the day ahead.


He’s not the best surfer in the world, but he’s 110%, one of the best surfers in the world.’ – Mason Ho on Gabby being not the best, but one of the best.


‘Okay, got to go out there, get a couple of waves and practice so Micro isn’t mad at us… Then we’re going to the box.’ – Conner on how to avoid the wrath of super-coach, Glen Micro Hall.

This is only just the start f the Rip Curl series, with the Wright family, Fanning Van Dijk and Rosy Hodge just to champion a few.

Stay tuned.

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