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Q&A with Jessica Ticchio x Satellite

Feb 28, 2022  ·  5 min read

Hey Bondi, welcome to the future of art experiences.

Satellite is a major international 3D NFT art exhibition opening in Sydney, from 9 March-3 April 2022. It’s a month-long, digitally immersive and sensory experience bringing together over 50 NFT artworks from leading influential Australian and international artists to Bondi Beach this March. Satellite is settling beachside with our friends at Twenty Twenty Six Gallery. We chat to exhibiting artist, Jessica Ticchio, whose work you won’t be able to miss on our Lobby screen on check-in.

Before we begin, you’ve heard of them but let’s get into it. What IS an NFT?

NFTs are a new type of digital asset with an importance placed on its non-fungibility. If we asked you to let us borrow $10, you most likely wouldn’t open your wallet and say, “Which bill do you want?”. This is because a $10 dollar note is fungible. Each $10 note has the same value as every other $10 notes.

NFTs, on the other hand, are non-fungible in the sense that no two are the same. Each NFT is a unique asset that cannot be replaced by an identical version because there is no identical version.

An NFT can be a piece of digital art, a song, a poem, a baseball card, an entry ticket and so much more. Think of it as a digital collectible that lives on the blockchain. But what’s special about an NFT, as opposed to the art in your home or your old Pokemon cards, is that an NFT is created (or “minted”) on a blockchain, thus making it completely digital, trackable and immutable. Read more here.

Jessica Ticchio

Next, who is Jessica Ticchio? And why are we excited to see her work at Satellite and QT Bondi?

With a vision of boundless dreamscapes and gravity-defying sculptures, Jessica Ticchio is creating a world of her own. Inspired by minimalism, surrealism and ubiquitous sculptural forms, Jessica’s vision is to reimagine the world through a contemporary art lens. Her work aims to evoke a sense of peace and calm, whilst bending our concept of reality; playing with the line between the real and surreal.

Over the years, Jessica has had work featured in exhibitions and press worldwide – including the Australian Design Centre Sydney, Crypto Portal Prague and Art Premium Magazine Paris.

Now, let’s chat.

Q: Jess, is there a story behind how you began exploring the realm between real and surrealism?

A: “That fine line between the real and surreal has always been my driving concept and main source of creative inspiration — regardless of medium. My earliest introduction to surrealism would have been when my dad – also an artist/designer – showed me the works of MC Escher and Salvador Dali. I was obsessed (still am) and spent my high school years practising surrealist hand illustration; most often portraits that danced on the line of hyper-realistic and subtlety distorted. When I discovered 3D, it simply became a new medium for me to explore this concept… except instead of black-and-white portraits I finally found my style in hyper color dreamscapes.”

Q: Where does the inspiration come from for your pieces?

A: “In line with my fascination of merging the real and surreal, I’m very inspired by daydreams, mirages, the sky, and unknown, boundless space. I’m inspired by striking juxtapositions, duotone lighting, exaggerated scale and objects balancing in impossible compositions. I’m inspired by mindfulness and often try to illustrate a state of mind rather than aiming to design an actual space. I’m inspired by real life too — I just pick and choose my favourite parts.”

Mirage 01 Day, Mirage 01 Night

Q: We see that in your ethereal work. What excites you about NFTs as an art form?

A:”I’ve always dreamed of having my work exhibited in galleries and bought by art collectors & enthusiasts, but until now it didn’t really feel like a possibility. Sounds pretty bleak, but before NFTs, it often felt like the most you could hope for as a digital artist was good engagement on Instagram! NFTs have truly opened up a new world for digital artists, creating excitement around our work and opening minds to how art can now be experienced in modern times.”

Q: Why do you think it’s the way of the future?

A: “To me personally, NFTs have felt like the missing link for digital artists to finally join the rest of the art world. Art is extremely powerful, with the ability to transform the way people feel and interpret the world; I see NFTs as a medium for digital artists to finally share their visions too. The next evolution of the art world.”

Q: Thanks for the insight! Anything else?

A: “You can find my NFTs on Foundation and follow my Instagram for new art and updates! Thanks for having me, QT :~)”


Catch Satellite at TWENTY TWENTY SIX GALLERY at 17 O’Brien Street, Bondi Beach.  It’s the first major international 3D NFT art exhibition in Sydney, and QT Bondi is proud to be the official accommodation sponsor.
9 MARCH — 3 APRIL 2022

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