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Proximity The Movie by Taylor Steele

May 18, 2017  ·  3 min read

Words by ben stephens

Just imagine this…

11-time surfing world champion Mr Kelly The GOAT Slater sitting across from the next generation in progressive surfing and current world number one Mr John John Florence.

The duo are sitting in a shack, somewhere in the South Pacific, either sides of a table, with just one light above, shining over the pair as they play a game of chess and discuss the world of surfing.

This scene, this absolute rarity that is described above, is one of many highlights from the latest surfing masterpiece from legend director, Taylor Steele, Proximity.

Steele has created a film that is hard to find in today’s world of 10-minute webisodes and sponsored content. He’s exactly created what he’s good at, a film that doesn’t necessarily have the greatest waves, but it’s stacked with the finest material.

JJF and Slater are only one of the four duos that make up the film.

Steele also paired up Albee Layer with big wave surfer Shane Dorian and took them to Scotland; all time legend Rob Machado and one of the best free surfers Craig Anderson and took them to a freezing cold Japan.

Then to wrap things up, you have the elegance of six-time world champ Steph Gilmore and the radical surfing spirit that is Dave Rastovich.

These combinations create a film that’s easy to love.

No spoilers here, but keep an eye out for the party wave between Steph and Dave, it’s pure art. Both such different styles, yet this is a wave that they both make their own… It’s incredible.

Albee and Dorian have some quality pub chat over a game of darts before heading out to the rough Scottish coast to catch some shallow close outs.

Machado and Ando bond over the foolishness of mankind when it comes to food consumption then shred some of the coldest looking water in Japan.

Proximity has an appeal for everyone; it’s about travel yet the conversations are a reflection of the human condition.

John John and Kelly talking candidly about getting nerves before a heat, sends chills down the spine.

More deets on viewings HERE

We hosted a secret viewing of Proximity at QT Sydney and it was a doozie, VR included. Check out the shots HERE

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