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Power Living Yoga

Mar 9, 2016  ·  2 min read

By Ben Stephens.

Waking at the cusp of dawn, just before the sun really starts to throw some colour around the horizon, there are few better things you could be doing, like going back to sleep for two hours… or you could be rolling out of bed and on to a yoga mat to bring in the new day with a whole host of body nourishing poses, in a 30-degree room with a bunch of strangers, lead by the heavenly voices from the yogi team at Power Living Yoga. Sound hectic? It’ll actually make you feel really, really good.

Duncan Peak, also known as YogiDunx, founded Power Living Yoga way back in 2004. Starting out with just one studio in Neutral Bay, today the Power Living team can get you into a slinky back bend in Perth, Melbourne, New Zealand and at a whole host of spaces across Sydney. The team has grown to a family of dedicated yogis that want to see you perform your best half-pigeon and will help you achieve a deeper stretch every time.

Power Living focuses on Vinyasa style, which is about matching movement with breath and having the whole session flow. Starting with some light encouragement, you’ll move into 60 minutes of a deep body moving crusade. Be prepared to sweat in these classes, a fine sign that you are detoxifying the human body of the weekend’s vices.

On top of all the goodness on offer at the studios, the Power Living crew also offer Byron Bay retreats, workshops and The Modern Yogi Project to help you better your practice at any point.

As we have recently moved into the Bondi neighbourhood, we have teamed up with the yogis at Power Living Bondi to offer you not only a luxurious stay, but also an unlimited Power Living pass while you stay with us… Imagine the work you could do on your warrior three pose!

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