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Re-Balance at Power Living Yoga

Jul 5, 2017  ·  3 min read

words by alex robertson

Yoga, by definition, is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation but for anyone who has immersed themselves in the Bondi lifestyle or even just spent the day, you’ll know it has become a way of life down here in the bubble. You can’t walk 100 metres down the street without seeing at least 5 yogis and an active wear store.

With so much yogatition around, we have the luxury of choosing the best of the best to recommend to our guests and we have absolutely no hesitation when we recommend Power Living as our numero uno yoga studio. In fact, we love them so much they are 1 of 8 local businesses we have included in our Re-Balance Bondi package.

What is Re-Balance Bondi you ask? You may have read the recent QT Life piece by our superstar writer Niall Roeder a few weeks back but if you didn’t, here’s a quick run-down. Bondi summer is a crazy fun filled (booze filled) good ol’ time, but when winter rolls around the beach goes from 100’s & 1000’s to a few scattered locals, the sun goes to bed a whole lot earlier and you can actually get a seat at your favourite café. We thought why not take advantage of this time in Bondi and replenish the soul with some unique Bondi experiences that will get you back into shape (mentally and physically) for those warmer months. The jam is, you stay with us from as little as $249 per night and you can choose from our 8 exclusive local hook ups – whether it’s yoga, surfing, motorbikes, fitness, food or just a relaxing massage you feel you need this is the perfect way to get your mojo back.

What better way to cleanse that body and mind than with a 2-day unlimited yoga pass to the holy grail of yoga studios for just $30. Power Living has two beautiful studios and up to 10 classes per day so you can comfortably work your busy schedule of relaxing around it or if you’re feeling really crazy, you can do multiple classes each day. The team at Power Living create such a welcoming vibe from the moment you walk in we just know you will float out in your ultimate state of Zen.

Power Living is located just a few minutes down Gould Street from the hotel so you can pick up one of our pushbikes on the way out and go for a cruise or just take a stroll and enjoy the wintery Bondi air!

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