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Pizza for the Soul

Nov 4, 2016  ·  3 min read

By Oliver Hanson

I’ve been to the Scalinata di Trinita Dei Monti in Rome and eaten the freshest pizza in the world. And then I moved to Bondi… There are places that convince you they are the golden child of the Italian gods when they turn out to be the stinking shit of a bad dream. The kind of dream that results in not being able to even finish the goddamn pizza! As you can tell… I’m holding a grudge… This should bode well for you dear reader as it means I take this pizza business seriously.

Since my ordeal (I want to name and shame but my conscious has the better of me) I have been on the hunt for something special and here is a tale for you;

After a long day, the gang decided we should go out for celebratory dinner and drinks. Any excuse for beer is fine by me! Many names were thrown into the ring, the one that stood out was Da Orazio Pizza & Porchetta. My ears picked up!

Da Orazio has been dishing up hearty Italian fare to Bondi locals since 2014 and it’s been a hit ever since. The brainchild of restaurateur Maurice Terzini (Bondi Icebergs fame) has blossomed into more than a pizzeria, it is a Bondi icon. With DJ music that pumps the crowd into an eating frenzy, it’s not hard to see why!

The smell catches your first, fresh basil and pizza dough. Then the staff, a contingent of accented European’s. Then the surroundings, beautifully functional and minimalist. Overall a sight to behold.

We opt for a round of Birra Moretti (when in Rome) and a few pizza’s to share. Diavoletta, Siciliana, Caponatine and a Gorgonzola Ghiottona. A little on the pricey side but you get what you pay for these days, especially in Bondi.

The buzz is electric with excited patrons and staff all around us, all eagerly awaiting their pizza prize.

In the distance, I hear the glorious sound of Italian angels singing in harmony. At that moment our pizza’s arrive and they are absolutely bloody awesome. Certainly, the best I have had in Sydney.

Thank the gods I finally found you, Da Orazio.

[never met anyone like you] i love your curves. and your edges. i love you the way you are.

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