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National Geographic Photo of the Year

There is something almost magical about camera technology in 2017. The ability to shoot incredible shots in any condition now tells the human story better than ever before. From Instagrams full of selfies to photo exhibitions produced by The World Press Photo Organisation. Celebrating the good work of photographers is something we love doing on a daily basis here at QT Bondi.

Every couple of months we stumble over a photo competition that consumes a solid part of our day as we drool over the talent of photographers out in the field. Then once a year the good people at National Geographic put together what we like to call ‘The Best Damn Photography Ever‘.

It’s a rather large claim, though year on year the keen eyes over at Nat Geo produce a list of finalists that are simply incredible. Showing the human condition and stunning landscapes, each piece makes you feel something. I would urge you to check out the full list HERE.

You’ll be moved.

Now let me take you on a journey of what stood out to us in this year’s Travel Photo of the Year award.

A good place to start would be the overall winner:

This piece, shot by Sergio Tapiro Velasco, comes from the Colima Volcano in Mexico. Just make sure you take in all that is happening here. It’s an incredible shot.

Calin Stan‘s piece, titled Infinite Road to Transylvania #6 forces us to feel stressed while floating in a world calming universe. Spend time with this piece, it grows on you.

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