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Morning Coffee in Bondi

Coffee. The life blood of any productive day. It was discovered when a Chinese farmer noticed his goats were all hopped up after eating a little red bean. Now we pay for the pleasure of having a human grind, cut and filter water through the goods, in order to get our head in the game and get the morning started. Some prefer tea, but that’s a personal choice. You’re in Bondi now and while the tea selection is good, the coffee, the coffee is where it’s at. Here’s a little note on some our favourite bean brewing spots around the bubble.

Saturdays NYC

The closest coffee machine outside of your room, it is a total of 12 seconds from the front door of QT Bondi to the warmth of the Saturdays NYC store. Inside you’ll find the team brewing the goods, but open those tired eyes a little more and the damn fine apparel will begin to fall into focus. From boards to board shorts and the perfect bean extraction, these dudes will be able to get your morning off to a top start.

Porch and Parlour

Just a short walk up the hill to North Bondi, you’ll find Porch and Parlour. A comfortable spot to sit and enjoy that Will & Co brew as you watch the seaside paradise wake to the sun rising over the eastern horizon. Treat yourself to a little smash & hash with smoked salmon if you’re feeling a little peckish, it’ll make your mouth feel sensations that you never knew you craved.


If a nearby yoga session has just said the last nameste and the sun begins to give off warmth, there’ll most likely be a line. That line is a testament to the quality of the coffee and a very Bondi thing to do. Wait your turn for a cup of the golden crema goods and you’ll be far from disappointed. You now have a choice though, sit here or trek the one block to the sands of Bondi Beach… Leave that one up to you.

Drake Eatery

Just one block from from QT Bondi, the good people at Drake will have you hopping on a coffee high in now time. Opening just after the sun rises (7am), they’re in a prime position to be your post beach walk/run coffee spot on your way back to bed to start the day off.

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