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The Monster Children Photo Competition Is Now Open

‘Tis the season. The astute team over at Monster Children have thrown the gates open on their annual photography competition, meaning it’s time for you to start digging through your hard drives for those banging shots you took a year ago and never really looked at.

There are 30,000 clams up for grabs, over six categories with 5,000 awarded to each. You can enter as many photos as you like, and in as many categories as you feel the need. The best thing, if you do win, you get your shot published in the 2017 annual Monster Children issue and a novelty-sized cheque at a rather large party in early/mid-December.

So you want a little in as to what the team are looking for?

Here’s a couple of words form the co-founders of MC as to what they’re looking for – though this was two years back, they might’ve rewritten the rulebook, who knows:

Before you start digging for the goods, here are the categories:

Travel Sponsored by Corona Extra
Music Sponsored by Bulleit
Portrait Sponsored by Huffer
Action Sponsored by RVCA
Lifestyle Sponsored by Danner Goods
Student Sponsored by Billy Blue College of Design

Over the years, the competition has uncovered some fine pieces and offer a solid benchmark for you to gauge your snaps upon. Here’s a collection of just banging shots that were either winners, finalists or just really good photography to get you pumped up to throw your images over to the judging panel.

Stay deep.

Summer Fun.

Motel Perks.



Cross Here.

Pure Inspiration.

Get stoked and enter HERE

words by ben stephens

cover image by Maik Schuster

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