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Mardi Gras 2017

Feb 23, 2017  ·  3 min read

words by alex robertson

My favourite time of year – the time of year when everything turns to rainbows and we all (well the majority of us, excluding the a**holes) come together for two weeks of celebration.

The celebration of L O V E – love of all kinds.

The fact that there are only two weeks of this a year, saddens me but for those of you who are Mardi Gras veterans like myself you’ll know that if it was any longer we may not survive ?

Right now Oxford Street is looking like someone spewed all over it with a glittery rainbow – nearly every shop front, pub and street sign has turned fabulous. Even ANZ jumps on board and their ATM’s turn into GAYTM’s.

Although this is nothing compared to what it will look like on the night of Saturday, March 4.

When you mention Mardi Gras people immediately think of a bunch of men in tiny shiny shorts, fabulous trannies in more makeup than most people would wear in a whole year and a whole lot of feathers and nipple tassels dancing down the street.

Which it very much is at times, but the festival goes for over two weeks and there is way more going on than you may think – everything from comedy shows and musicals to art galleries and its very own film festival.

Another part of Mardi Gras which should be more recognised is the Queer Thinking Programme. The QTP presents a number of different events surrounding equality through an art exhibition called Queer Warhol, The EqualiTEA PARTY and if you want to get serious about jumping on the equality train why not join the Politics in the Pub Discussion Panel where you can voice your opinions and also hear from US Senator Ricardo Lara and Former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally.

For more information on all of that, head over HERE.

Nothing excites me more than the thought of everyone being equal one day and for these two weeks, we get to live that. Even if it’s not usually your thing, live a little and be a part of something great!


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