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Insty Bondi Sunrises

Jun 15, 2016  ·  2 min read

By Ben Stephens.

Instagramming in Bondi isn’t a tough task at all, from grassy knolls to beers and cocktails, Beach Road to Hill Street, there are potential posts all over the place, ready to be double-tapped by your loyal followers. One hashtag that requires you to put in the hard work of getting out of bed and getting amongst it early is #sunrise (currently holding 26.2m posts and will require a 6:30am wakeup call). Now that we are in the midst of winter, the sun isn’t popping over the horizon until 6:59am, that means that compared to those much earlier summer sunrises, you can enjoy bed a little while longer. We love an early morning, matched with a solid ‘banger on the gram’ as some call it (anyone?), so here are our picks around the beach side suburb for the top spots to snap a solid daybreak Insty shot.


Get up and take the two-minute stroll to the sandy postcard that is Bondi Beach. Stay towards the southern end for the best shot the sun showing off the morning light over the ocean. If the swell is firing, get that zoom lens attachment on and snap a couple of locals shredding. A trippy watercolour painting is often splashed across the Sydney sunrising-sky, and it’s always an Instagram favourite.

A photo posted by A Q U A B U M P S (@aquabumps) on


Get all bendy and sweaty while the sun comes up… or at least pretend to. Get a mate to snap a pic of you in a modified cobra possie (pretty sure that’s a yoga pose?), while silhouetted against the sun – we’ll all know it’s staged, but it’ll look bloody good. And if you add a cheeky comment taking the Micky out of yoga and even better, yourself, it’ll go down even better.

A photo posted by Siss Way (@the_fitway) on

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