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An Instagram Guide to Bondi

words by james phillips

The beachside suburb of Bondi got the nickname ‘The Bubble’ because it’s notoriously hard to escape… And not just on sunny days and weekends where you physically can’t leave because the last ten buses that go past are stacked with the beach going public.

It’s because the locals rarely venture further than the Junction and once you’ve strolled along the sand, swam in the sea, spied the pieces hanging in the boutique shops, sipped on cocktails at the funky bars and sat down for a coffee at any of the many cafés… you’ll see why

Once upon a time, the legend of The Bubble remained a myth for those that had never been… Now, it’s all on the Internet, that big thing that we rarely leave.

Here’s a taste of the best Bondi Grams for your daily dose of the Bubble’s magic

The Haps
With all the latest of what’s going on around Bondi, @visitbondibeach has your daily inspiration from Australia’s most famous beach with a few insider tips chucked in for good measure.

Closely followed by pictures of dogs and even closer by baby shots, food photos are among the most Instagrammed items in existence. With Bondi being home to some of Sydney’s best spreads, local girl @bondifoodie has taken it upon herself to sample and snap all of the delicious Bondi bites. Tough gig…

Bondi Lifeguards
These guys are so cool they’ve got their own TV show. The boys in blue have been saving lives since 1913 and looking damn fine while they do it… Now they’ve got a gram to show it off daily @bondilifeguards

Surf Report
Without a doubt, @surfmorehurtless is the best surf daily surf report for the bubble. It’s easy to see why.

It’s no secret that the strongest lure of Bondi is its stunning natural beauty. It’s not hard to feel like an insta-star when you’re cruising the coastal walk and pull up for a snap of the Bondi Icebergs pool and reel in the likes. But then there are the ones that take it to the next level… with surf shots, sand shots, sunrise and sunset shots all thrown in the mix, Amaury Treguer @morningbondi has it all.

Nothing says Bondi like activewear in any social setting… Exercise is a big part of life for the typical Bondi native, the beach was made for sunrise runs and the scene at the outdoor workout station of North Bondi rivals that of Venice Beach. @bondifit will get you involved

The best of the best
When your gram is so clogged up that you never get to the end, sometimes you just want the cream of the crop. Here it is, the perfect account for the best of the Bondi Gram @qtbondi

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