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Free Entry to Gold’s Gym

By Ben Stephens.

Bondi… where the opening of new gym isn’t so much as a surprise, more a matter of when new ones will open. There is a little something special about this one though and I don’t mean to hype it too much, but Gold’s Gym just opened and we are already best mates, and as with besties there are benefits – this friendship will see all guests at QT Bondi get complimentary access. How very good.

Gold’s has a history that is steeped in body building royalty. The first Gold’s Gym was started back in 1965 on Pacific Avenue, Venice California. Ten years after opening, the gym was dubbed ‘The Mecca of Bodybuilding’ due largely to the clientele base of, oh you know, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Dave Draper, just the faces of modern bodybuilding really. Gold’s Gyms focus on incorporating the surrounding environment and just generally frothing on the local vibe.

Now Gold’s focus is still on weights and developing the body builder within, but that’s not all. They have classes galore to fit in with your Bondi lifestyle, like Barre, Pilates, Bodypump, Viyasa Power Yoga, Hatha and beach runs, these guys will make you sweat in a lot of different ways. They also have a sweet 25m indoor pool, handy for those rare days where the weather turns rubbish and Bondi isn’t wanting to play nice.

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