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Getting Juice’d in Bondi

Jun 24, 2016  ·  3 min read

By Ben Stephens.

When it comes to getting juiced, especially in Bondi, it can mean a matter of things. From the bros at the outdoor gym to the hipsters in the back streets, they’re all doing it, all of ‘em. Being in the Bondi bubble creates an absolute over supply of the stuff as well, you can pick it up on any corner – everywhere from the grassy knoll in the North to Icebergs in the South. The quality changes, as do the prices and that’s where we would like to give you helping hand in order to find the right, freshly squeezed or cold pressed, fruit and vegetable extract that will leave you feeling revitalised and able to take on the day, with or without kale.

Cali Pressed

The façade’s of Cali Pressed is aesthetically pleasing level is a solid ten, then once you are inside, the menu of juices on offer covers every colour that can pop your Instagram. Take for example the Recovering Lemonade with a healthy dose of water, lemon, raw sugarcane, activated charcoal and some of that Bentonite clay, not only is it pitch black in colour, it’s also a natural hangover killer.

Bondi Earth Foods

Bondi Earth Foods is a store dedicated wholly to our dear old planet, nothing in here is designed to the damage the world around you. This makes it an easy choice when it comes to grabbing an afternoon juice. Go organic and grab the Green Smoothie, full of everything you need to finish the day off, without harming the creation we all call home.

Orchard St Organic

Just a couple of streets away from QT Bondi, you’ll find Orchard St Organic, on the corner of Brighton Blvd and Wairoa Ave. I urge you to find them, the juice cleanses on offer are top quality. The recommendation here is the work out boost pack containing one Green Remedy smoothie with a stand alone 200ml shot of Beetroot Juice, a proven workout advocate.

Pressed Juices

If you are after a 3-5 day juice cleanse, the dudes at Pressed Juices will have you sorted out with everything you need to get it under way. However, if you just need a juice on the go, the Smooth Energy with coconut water, pineapple, banana, lettuce, cucumber, kale, avocado and lime all mixed together will start your day in an awesomely rad way.

Boost Juice

With so much on offer around Bondi, I would totally recommend Boost for a quick shot of wheatgrass as you make your way to the beach for afternoon surf, it’ll have you cutting those waves like Kelly Slater still does.

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