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Get Poached

words by ben stephens

There is nothing like it. You wake, you roll over and look past the snapchat notifications from 2:42 am, only to realise that it’s still early.

Early enough that you can be sure that the sun has begun to creep just past the horizon, spreading that golden light across the sandy shores of the most famous beach in the nation.

This is when it begins, though. You begin to feel something in your tummy. A pit of sorts. It grows. Expanding until you feel the need to do something about it.

Finally, after scrolling through your social feeds of a Sunday morning, you get up and realise that you were just hungry.

Now you’re in the mood for a meal featuring poached eggs.

I get you.

It’s that moment when the dish arrives. You ready the knife and apply a little pressure to the poached white… then as you draw the first yolk from the golden centre that feeling of satisfaction sweeps over you like nothing else.

Gather around you poached egg slaying friends, here are a handful of places to experience that egg rush in the Bondi Bubble:

Porch and Parlour
We have spoken a number of times about the Porch team, all for good reason, though. They know how to poach an egg. Even better than that, they know how to sex it up. Take for example the Green Pea Pancake dish. One round, fluffy pancake, topped with an avocado, feta and mint salad, with just one, perfectly poached egg sitting atop of it all. Slice it up and watch it run over the green goods.

Lox Stock
Sit down. Order a coffee and one serving of poached eggs with chutney on sourdough. Throw a side of olives and herb roasted field mushrooms. Do it. Keep it simple.

Brown Sugar
The team at Brown Sugar will have you feeling the poached egg feels once you tuck into their Onion and Mushroom Bialy. All of those feels. With herbed goats cheese, smoked salmon, salmon roe, lemon butter and two, wonderfully poached eggs. Sitting there, in a post poached state, just waiting for you to drive a knife right down the middle.

Breakfast ☉

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The Nine
We spoke about The Nine late last year. We were young, foolish and deeply in love with everything they were doing. Months on, we are still very much in love with The Nine. Here you want to be a Gen-Y cliché and order the poached eggs with a side of avocado and forget about your money woes.

HOT TIP: Once you have fulfilled the requirement to slip into a food coma, make your way to the beach. Lay on the sand or grass and just be Bondi.

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