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Ethical Living in Bondi

Mar 14, 2018  ·  3 min read

Ethical living. You might think of the very cynical, chin-rubbing emoji when you hear that buzz term being thrown around, but the general idea behind it is a very positive one.

Put simply, ethical living involves putting some thought into the impact your day-to-day decisions can make. When looking at consumerism, sustainability, environmentalism and animal welfare, there is plenty we can do to minimise waste, cruelty and our impact on ol’ Mother Nature.

From buying Australian products to reusing coffee cups, here are a few ways you can go towards ethical living in Bondi … just remember not to preach. Just like vegans and cross fitters, no one likes getting stuck with that preachy mate droning on about living a righteous life.

Food shopping

From raw honey to caramelised red wine vinegar, every Saturday morning Bondi Farmers Markets is flourishing with seasonal fruit, locally grown vegetables, fresh seafood, choice cuts and gourmet eats. Buying from local grocers, farmers and artisan providores that are committed to organic and sustainable food means your food is fresher and you’re supporting local industry.

If markets aren’t your thing, About Life (31 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction) is a supermarket/café offering a full range of locally-sourced groceries “under one natural, ethical, sustainable” roof. They are also big proponents of the very worthy #WarOnWaste and the #BanTheBag movements to reduce landfill.

Eating out

When cooking isn’t on the cards, but eating ethically is, try Sean’s Panorama (270 Campbell Parade). The restaurant is built on sustainability. How? Well, the produce and meat used in the kitchen comes from the crops and livestock on chef/owner Sean Moran’s Bilpin farm.

Get ready for seasonal and guilt-free feasts that deserve hats and high fives.


If you’re looking for an informative and passionate point of view on the world of ethical living, glance your eyes over the Eco Warrior Princess. Like a modern day Xena, Jennifer Nini is fighting the good fight and putting out a huge amount of content regarding sustainable food, fashion, beauty and more.

Also check out Green Lifestyle Mag and VegieHead.

Coffee cups

Coffee drinking and café culture is an intrinsic part of life in Australia and especially Bondi. Brands like Don’t Be A Mug and Sol Cups are local companies pitted against the waste that non-reusable cups create. These reusable cups look super cool too.


Activewear is big in Bondi. It’s worn by active people as well as people that never set foot in a gym nor break a sweat. That’s ok, it’s comfy, so we’ll forgive you. When it comes to ethical activewear, Sunrise At Bondi is proudly Australian-owned and Australian-made, and is run by textile technologist Leigh Mason and Bondi lifeguard Trent Maxwell. Why not support the local rag trade and look good while doing so?

There’s also U-Turn Recycled Fashion (35 Hall Street) for when you need a one-off gem, something vintage or a designer throwback piece.

words by niall roeder

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