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Dux Nutts

By Amy Wisemantel.

Some of us are grazers, in that like to snack constantly. Others out there prefer a lighter breakfast to get started in the morning. For these two groups, we have some good news. There is an up and coming company based in Bondi called Dux Nutts, and as the name suggests, they are the duck’s nuts. They have a range of muesli’s that will knock your socks off.

The muesli comes in four flavours; The Crumble, The Granola, The Orchard and The Paleo. Each flavour is unique in its ingredients and created by chef Tom Walton, who runs Dux Nutts with partner in crime, Cheyenne. As new parents, they were already interested in healthy living and wanted an alternative to bulky cereals that are full of nasties. Only the best quality local ingredients make it into the product, and your subsequent full stomach, read on to find out which tasty combo works best for you.

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The Crumble

Full of activated buckwheat, almonds and pepita seeds, coconut, orange and cocoa – imagine it’s like a bowl of coco pops, but it’s actually good for you!

Dux Nutts

The Granola

This is the one you’ll be throwing in your bag to eat throughout the day; it’s loaded with nuts, seeds, coconut and cranberry in maple and cinnamon.

Dux Nutts

The Orchard

Full of antioxidants and with raw cocoa nibs to feel a little bit naughty, this mix also has berries, almonds and seeds in it to quench your hunger.

Dux Nutts

The Paleo

This mix is what you’ll be grabbing those more savour cravings. With almonds, cashews and Brazil nuts inside, it will be leaving you feeling nourished with all the right ingredients.

Dux Nutts

The dairy and gluten free Dux Nutts products are found in QT Bondi’s minibar, as well as online or at Bondi Wholefoods and trust me; you’ll be clearing room in your kitchen shelves for these bad boys.

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