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Double Rainbouu

Mar 8, 2016  ·  6 min read

By Niall Roeder.

Rock up at Lowes and you’ll be surprised at their range of Hawaiian shirts; from parrots to sunsets and Santa Clauses, their spread is hideously cheap and grotesquely cheerful. No offence to the Lowes familia intended, cause let’s be honest, that’s their shtick. They cater to the so-bad-it’s-funny Hawaiian shirt market. So the question stands, where does one get a schmick Hawaiian shirt in this town? It’s the age-old question that’s plagued partygoers for far too long, damn it. Until now…

Double Rainbouu is a brand spanking new collaboration between Toby Jones and Mikey Nolan (former arty kids from ksubi). They’ve been getting shirty and have banged out a sweet unisex line of Hawaiian button-ups that they describe as “resort wear for beach babes and pool punks”. Ohhhhhh yeah.

Summer babe. #doublerainbouu #hawaiianshirt #beachbabes #poolpunks #resort2016 #summer16

A post shared by DOUBLE RAINBOUU (@double_rainbouu) on

Jones and Nolan wanted shirts that embody the holiday vibe. So they did it. The guys make fun shirts, that are comfortable… and that are versatile when it comes to design. The shirts are 100% rayon, so they’re light and breezy. Hawaiian shirts are blanks canvases ready to cop any print slapped on them, and this was a big part of the appeal to the lads.

The expression “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is very true when it comes to Hawaiian shirts – they’re loud, and some you’ll like and some you’ll hate. Again, this seems to be a drawing point for the Double Rainbouu kids. Never be afraid to peacock.

To get a better understanding of the whole operation we caught up with the two fellas who run it:

The question of where to get a slick Hawaiian shirt has plagued partygoers for far too long. Are you guys here to combat that problem?

We are here for anyone who needs a uniform for good times.

We’ve all seen the “Double Rainbow” YouTube clip. Was that the inspiration for the name?

We were sitting in our old studio one day watching a storm roll across the harbour. It had a great view and as the sun was setting there was an awesome Double Rainbouu. We kinda thought that would be a good fun name for a Hawaiian shirt brand. What is there not to like about it?

That guy was on acid right? Speaking of acid; micro-dosing with hallucinogens to increase creativity is big at the moment, especially in Silicone Valley. Would you be open to trying it… have you tried it?

This is a great suggestion. We already design most of our prints by the pool with a drink in hand but we are certainly open to new ideas.

According to Homer Simpson, “there’s only two kinds of guys who wear Hawaiian shirts: gay guys and big fat party animals”. Do those rules apply to Double Rainbouu shirts, or can heterosexuals, females and skinny party-haters in fact wear your shirts as well?

There is a time and a place in everyone’s life where they will feel the need to own and wear a Hawaiian shirt. We are here for those people which means we are here for everyone.

Your threads definitely have a fun holiday vibe – the type of shirt you could get sandy at the beach, jump in the pool with or spill drinks on in da club. How would you describe them?

You’re right, our shirts can take you anywhere. Like a portal, a time worm, a black hole, the rabbit hole, an easy jet flight, the ladder at the top of The Magic Faraway Tree. Choose your own adventure.

What are the key elements to a banging Hawaiian shirt?

It needs to feel good on. It should flow in the breeze but banging is definitely the key element.

They’re made from 100% rayon – any reasoning behind this?

We just wanted to keep it real. Try one on. You wont be sorry for long.

Don't let the sun go down on UU's @kasiawerstak #doublerainbouu #glossypossy #hawaiianshirt

A post shared by DOUBLE RAINBOUU (@double_rainbouu) on

Were they always going to be unisex? Or did you realise they looked sexy as on ladies after the fact?

We like girls who wear boys who like boys to wear girls.

Look out for our new unisex swim shorts coming out soon.

The Glossy Possy and the Cape Fear are my personal favourites. What are yours and what can we expect from future designs?

They’re like children. We can’t have favourites. Aloha every day.

Talk us through the shirt you made for us (images at bottom of article). When wearing one, what percentage will one’s chances of picking up increase by?

The shirt takes you back to California in the late 70’s to the soundtrack of Blackpool in the mid 90’s.

Chances of picking up are Double or Nothing.

What else is happening in the Toby Jones and Mikey Nolan world?

We are so busy peddling these hot shirts right now you wouldn’t believe.

Now do you get what Double Rainbouu is all about? To use some more of their own verbiage… It’s Russian Roulette on a Black Sea Holiday. Get it? We are your sun drug, your blonde ambition. What about now? Take an acid drop at day break, night swim in the cruel sea… ok, so they’re a little bit out there, but that’s ok, so are we. And seeing as though you’re reading this I’m guessing you’re probably a little barmy yourself.

At QT Bondi, we dig what Double Rainbouu are doing. So much so, we asked them to make us a shirt… and they did – you can grab one at QT Bondi. Check it out below.

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