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Cupid’s Undie Run 2016

By Niall Roeder.

“Cupid’s Undie Run is where a little crazy meets a lot of charity.

Tumours suck and we’re here to fight them with the most fun event in the world”

Have you ever wanted to strip down and run through a public space without the 5-0 messing with your groove? Course you have, we all have. Remember that scene from Oldschool, where Will Ferrell gets naked at Mitch-a-palooza and tells Snoop’s hype man to bring his green hat because they’re going streaking? Great scene. Picture that, but in Bondi and add in some red undies… because that’s what’s happening on the Valentine’s Day weekend guys, we’re going streaking…

Cupid’s Nudie Run is a 1.5k (ish) dash in your almost-birthday suit. It’s held on the Valentine’s Day weekend and is all in the name of fun and fundraising for a damn good cause – to raise money for the Children’s Tumour Foundation. The CTF is out to find treatments for people living with neurofibromatosis (NF), a very nasty disorder that causes tumours to grow on nerves throughout the body, can damage major organs and also lead to blindness, deafness, disfigurement, bone abnormalities and learning disabilities. So yeah, it’s very good cause. Let’s get involved.

The semi-nude event raised more than $150,000 in donations in 2014, and nearly $160,000 in 2015… so if you like to run, you have a good samaritan streak or you just like getting your kit off, join in on the party and help raise even more cashola this year.

It doesn’t stop at the race. Anyone who’s been in a fun run or marathon knows one of the most important parts is the post race “rehydration”… you can do that with beer, right?

Start a team, join a team, or run solo. As we said, get involved, we’re going streaking…

Cupid’s Undie Run @ The Bucket List, Bondi Pavilion – February 14

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