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Campbell Parade Favourites

Aug 2, 2017  ·  3 min read

Campbell Parade is one of Australia’s most famous strips; it’s the connection between the commercial corridor and the golden shores of Bondi Beach. Now, while Bondi is home to many of Sydney’s best cafés, trendiest clothing stores and finest restaurants, you’d usually be strolling along Gould St or Hall to find the cream of the crop.

For too long Campbell Parade belonged to tacky retailers, fast food chains and sub standard cafés. On too many occasions the location was doing all the heavy lifting as the eyesore shop fronts soaked up the tourist clams.

Since QT Bondi burst on the scene though, the strip has collectively up’d the standard of what’s on offer. Whilst Maccas and the four EzyMart’s still maintain a strong presence, there are now a few gems dotted along the strip.

Preach Café
When my girlfriend and I stumbled upon this funky looking spot for brekky a couple of weeks ago we were back the next day ready for round two. The coffee is delicious, the service friendly, the food looks as good on the plate as it tastes in your mouth and best of all; an all day breakfast menu means you can still have your poached eggs and banana pancakes well into the afternoon. Only new to the scene, it doesn’t look like the guys at Preach will be going anywhere soon.

With the amount of yoga and activewear you see around Bondi, you’d be forgiven for thinking that lululemon had been in Bondi for years. Last summer though, the global athletic apparel retailer opened it’s first ‘local concept store’ in the Southern Hemisphere right here on Campbell Parade. One of only five in the world, they stock all the regular lululemon pieces and act as a community hub with yoga classes, a run club and a hydration station with kombucha and sparkling water on tap. Campbell Parade was waiting a long time for this.

Fishbowl Poke Bar
If you can’t find this place, just look for the massive line snaking around the Pacific complex. Fishbowl has been a smash hit ever since it opened the doors last year and Bondi’s poke obsession doesn’t seem to be wearing off anytime soon. The sashimi bar is full of fresh ingredients and you can choose all your own combos and put together one tasty poke bowl.

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