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Breakfast in Bondi

May 31, 2016  ·  3 min read

By Niall Roeder.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is what we’ve always been told. Brekkie feeds your body and mind with the energy and nutrients needed to tackle the day head-on, to spank the day’s ass, to KO the day like a swift Holly Holm kick to the head.

There is another reason why breakfast is so damn important, and that’s because breakfast food is downright splendid. So splendid, we shouldn’t be afraid to squeeze in as much brekkie as possible. Someone once called Australia, “the breakfast nation”… it was me, just then. And it’s true. Australia and especially Bondi, has a robust café culture, which goes hand in hand with our national coffee addiction. So today we’re rattling off some of the finest haunts to grab your first, second, third, fourth and fifth breakfast of the day.

Porch & Parlour – Breakfast til 11:50

Quality grub served with a smile in a rustic setting. This is what you’re up for at Porch, and this is why it’s a favourite with Bondi folk. It’s the kinda eatery you wish your best mate owned. It’s a good place for the health-conscious to hit up early for something wholesome. We recommend getting stuck into the gluten free granola with coconut yoghurt, seasonal fruit and a side of almond milk. Sounds hippy, tastes epic.

Jed’s Food Store Breakfast til 12 (pretty sure)

Don’t try and find info about this joint on the interweb, there isn’t any. Take our word for it, this Kiwi-owned locals’ darling has good coffee, a chill vibe and superb breakfast options. What does Eggs Kurosawa mean to you? Don’t answer that. Just go to Jed’s and wrap your laughing gear around Eggs Kurosawa (eggs, nori seaweed scramble, house teriyaki tofu, royal quinoa medley, avocado, black sesame seeds, pepitas and wasabi). Breathe.

Sadhana Kitchen Breakfast til 12

Now this place is hippy. If you’re really into words like cleanses, raw and vegan, then Sadhana is your nirvana. If you’re not, don’t worry, turn a blind eye to all the organic jargon and dive into a courageous menu full of things you haven’t tried before, like the Avo and Mushroom Benedict (black salt and sesame encrusted avo “eggs” with marinated mushrooms, coconut “bacon”, sprouted bread and hollandaise) and the Maz’s Erryday smoothie (kale, celery, mango, passion fruit, orange, coconut yoghurt and Amazonia green powder). Second brekkie down, three more to come.

Panama House Breakfast til 12 (weekends til 1pm)

As you probably guessed from the name, Panama House do Central American and Mexican dining. And in breakfast talk, that means Huevos Rancheros, the glorious combination of corn tortillas, spiced black beans, sour cream, guacamole, smoked tomato salsa, poached egg and chipotle hollandaise. One more breakfast to go.

Brown Sugar Breakfast til 12, brunch all day

The last stop is at Brown Sugar, another well-established Bondi hangout. These legends do an all day brunch, which is perfect for when you accidently party til the sun rises and only resurface at 2:30pm. In this day-of-breakfasts, we’re suggesting chowing down on the Black Stone Eggs (English muffin with bacon, tomatoes, poached eggs & hash browns).

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