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Bowl-A-Rama 2017 Competitor List

Jan 12, 2017  ·  2 min read

words by ben stephens

Just quietly, we are STOKED to be partnering with the stupidly skilled athletes and team behind Bondi Beach Bowl-A-Rama for 2017.

So stoked in fact we here at QTLife will be keeping you so up to date during the competition that you’ll feel like your staying with the team at QT Bondi.

To whet your appetite just the right amount here is the full line-up of shredders coming to Bondi to rip the bowl apart for Bowl-A-Rama 2017.

Ethan Copeland – Jedd McKenzie – Travis Rivera – Tyler Edtmayer – Keegan Palmer

Jordyn Barratt – Nicole Hause – Izy Mutu – Amelia Brooka – Hunter Long – Poppy Olsen – Gracie Earl – Allysha Le – Sari Simpson


Pat Black – Sean Goff – Renton Millar – John Bogaerts – Henry Gutierrez – Darren Navarrette – Marco Cruz – Tony Hawk – Pat Ngoho – Jed Fuller – Lester Kasai – Chris Patton – Adam Luxford – Kevin Staab

Pedro Barros – Bucky Lasek – Nilo Pecanha – Sam Beckett – Danny Leon – Murilo Peres – Robin Bolian – Rion Lorifice – Justin Rivera – Felipe Foguinho – Jamie Mateu – Josh Rodriguez – Noah Fuzi – Vincent Matheron – Tom Schaar – Collin Graham – Brad McClain – Jonathan Schwan – Ben Johnson – Zach Miller – Alex Sorgente – Cory Juneau – Michael O’Friel – Trey Wood – Alan Young

As I scanned my eyes over the complete list laid before you, I had a couple of ‘ahh, I played as him on tony Hawk’s Pro Skater about 15 years ago’ – what a time to be alive.

Also, the addition of the Girls comp is set to be the highlight, with some of the best talent on show in Bondi’s blue bowl.

Now the whole damn comp is going to take over the southern end of Bondi from February 18 – 19. I would highly advise you to grab those tickets now, just so you don’t miss out on some sweet stadium seating or as discussed earlier, stay close, we’ll bring you all the action.

Keep in mind that the finals kick off on Sunday, February 19 at 2:30 pm sharp – be there.

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