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Bondi’s Pre-summer Freak Out Guide

Sep 7, 2016  ·  5 min read

By Alex Robertson

You all agree we have been pretty blessed in the last few weeks to have some cracker days here in Bondi? Yes I definitely agree but how many of you did this….

So you wake up, the sun is shining, the birds are cheeping, the water is sparkling, and you think to yourself this is definitely shorts weather. You get excited. You dig into your summer drawer, pull out your favourite pair of denim shorts and put them on. It takes way more effort than you remember. You’re scared to turn and look in the mirror. You do anyway….. but wait? Wtf is this? These must have shrunk? What is this here? and that there? You freak out so much you quickly whip them back off, launch them to the furthest corner, put on your comfy jeans on that you have lived in all winter and get as far away from the mirror as possible. You then think to yourself while walking out the door ‘lets not make a big deal out of it, let’s just do it, diet starts Monday’ That’s where I come in…

Bondi is THE easiest place in Sydney to whip yourself back into shape. Everywhere you look there’s a juice bar, wholefoods store, yoga studio or just a really good looking, fit, Bondi local that reminds you what you are NOT doing at the gym. We all know the first day is the hardest so here is a little plan from me to you to get you started…

Wake up – Early morning yoga session at Power Living. Power Living hold Vinyasa yoga from 6am on a week day and 7.30am on the weekends. The teachers are legends and we all know it’s still chilly in the morning so you will be happy to know that the rooms are heated at 32 degrees.

Breakfast – a few doors down is Cali Press. This is any health nuts wonderland! Everything from Smoothie Bowls and chia pots to power bars and protein balls.

After brekky, WALK HOME… Walk as much as you can, parking in Bondi sucks anyway, why would you want to drive!

Lunch – Two words…. Bondi Wholefoods! I have been following Bondi Wholefoods on Instagram since the QT opened last December and let’s just say in the last couple of months they have stepped their game RIGHT UP! I believe the star of the show for lunch is the Tahini Baked Trout with Cauli “Steak” (steak meaning, a thick wedge of cauliflower coated in spices and oven roasted so it’s soft & creamy on the inside and deliciously crunchy on the outside) Yeh… Exactly! So dreamy and super healthy!

Arvo Gym Sesh at Speedo Fitness Club is definitely in order… The crew at Speedo’s have the greatest classes and they are all included in the membership price. Chose from Pilates, Barre, Bodypump or if you want to have a little more fun while working out opt for the Retro Flow Yoga class. It’s basically a Vinyasa Yoga class set to a soundtrack of 1980’s ballads.

// What’s your J A M? \ Music plays a huge role in my life and is absolutely essential when I work out. Music distracts me from pain and fatigue, elevates my mood, increases my endurance and reduces my perceived effort. I run faster, lift heavier, endure for longer without even realizing it. It just seems easier when Beyoncé or Biggie are right there with me. On the flip side music calms me, talks to my soul, creates relaxation, switches my brain off from the outside world and allows me to be in the now. Some of my absolute favourite tools I use to assist in getting to a heightened state of mind are; guided meditation, alpha waves, white noise, guided hypnosis, zen music and sounds of nature. I rely on these tools everyday for self therapy, meditation and to help wined me down before bed. I have two questions for you… 1. What’s your favourite music and or therapy app? 2. What your favourite genera to workout to? —Let the music take you to the next LEVEL, break BOUNDERIES and create new LIMITS.— 📸 @tinanikolovski @goldsgym @beatsbydre #JennaDouros #Music #Express #Love #BeatsByDre #Tunes #Motivation #Inspiration #Play #Fuel #Mood #Focus #Lift #Run #Endure #LiftintoLife #GoldsGym #Move #Charts #PlayList #WorkoutMusic #Beyonce #BiggieSmalls #fitchick #Fitness #WhatsYourJam #Strength #Lift #Weights #relax #Canberra

A photo posted by Jenna Douros (@jennadouros) on Jul 20, 2016 at 6:30pm PDT

Dinner – Cook at home. Always have at least one meal a day at home. There is so much fresh produce on offer in Bondi that it will be a piece of cake(NO you cannot eat the cake). Pick up a copy of our buddy Guy Turland’s Cook Book ‘Bondi Harvest’ and head to Harris Farm for your supplies and you’re set! Start now and you will be killing it by the time Summer hits!

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